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High Clicks – Oct. 2nd, 2011

Welcome to October! This marks 6 months of Feisonista and I can’t believe it! Time really does fly. Want to thank you all again for reading. If you love Feisonista, make sure you follow on Facebook and Twitter – and share with your friends! Looking forward to 6 more months and beyond!

1. The Australian Nationals was this week! AIDA really stepped up their game in terms of online coverage during the event. In case you didn’t see it, check out AIDA IDTV, the live commentary, and pictures from the event. Stellar stuff! Be sure to check out my post with fashion updates from the event as well!

2. The South African Nationals was also this weekend. Congrats to everyone who participated in their world qualifying! Looking forward to pictures.

3. The Jig Launch party in the UK took place this week, hosted by Leanne Nelson from The Reel Photo Company. Check out this video from the step out at the party. Some great dancers there! Check out the pictures too – looks like it was a great time.

4. In case you didn’t see it earlier this week, a BBC article just reported that baldness has been linked to wearing Irish dance wigs. Think we all could have seen that coming! I think it more has to do with how tight you pull your hair rather than the wig. There’s a way to not kill your hair and wear a wig! And Amen about rollers being ten times worse!

5. Lovely article about the Tierney School that raised money to perform at Disneyland Paris! Glad to see they’ll be able to make it – it really is an amazing experience. Definitely recommend it.

6. Another Irish dance show to put on my wish list – modERIN from Darrah Carr Dance. They blend modern dance with Irish. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard about them before – they’ve been around since 1998. It’s showing in NYC from Nov. 11-Nov. 13 – just in time to inspire you before the Mid-Atlantic and New England Oireachtas!

7. On the other side of the world, Irish Thunder (a more typical Irish dance show) will be playing on Oct. 29th in Albury, Australia. Sounds like fun!

8. A short cute article about dancers preparing for their first show in Sheffield. Hope the show went well!

9. Another fun article about dancers from the Gray School of Irish Dance in Connecticut at their local Irish festival in Danbury. Their enthusiasm is infectious. It’s also my favorite Irish festival, so even better! There’s a stellar video of their 4 hand to go with it as well.

10. Irish Central features photos from autumn feiseanna around New England! All the news from the north east is making me miss home!!

11. Really nice pictures from a fundraiser to save the Irish Social Club of Boston, featuring dances from the Harney Academy. They rocked a no-wig look that looks very cute.

12. News coverage about the 4th International Moscow Open Feis. Great to see Irish dance expanding so much across the world. Nice to see the large participation of adults in this video as well.

13. Cool dance from Solas An Lae Dance company – extensive mixture of modern and Irish dance. Some really great combinations in it. Particularly like the small group bit around 2:45.

14. Great dancing from the Inishfree School at the Chosen Women’s event. Absolutely love the music choice and their dresses as well!

15. No idea who this guy is, but the crowd seems to love him Irish dancing to Beyonce and he’s not half bad! Too funny.

16. Always thought Irish dancers were magical, but this artist takes it to a new level – Irish dance fairies!

17. A series from a local Radio show (Halftime Howie on Long Beach!) with the Hagan school of Irish dance! Great dancing and interviews!

18. An Jig Gig is back! The  whole series is on youtube, but here are some adorable set dancers to get you started.

19. This is awesome – a day in the life of an Irish dancer at the Pikes Peak feis through pictures. Love it!

20. Have a purple and silver dress? Check out this video with makeup tips.

21. Last but not least, for a flashback, here’s a set piece from 1998, when I started Irish dancing! Things change so quickly, it’s crazy.

That’s it for for for this week! Let me know if you find anything else fabulous! Have a great week!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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