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Australian Nationals 2011

More Eye Candy Outfits from the Australian Nationals

Inspired by posts I’ve been reading about street style at the Paris fashion weeks, here are some of my favorite looks from the Australian Nationals! And All-Scotlands this weekend with even more great outfits! What more could an Irish dancer ask for?

1. Poufy sleeves are popping up more and more. Check out this cute white one.

2. A two layer tulle ruffle dress. Love how the pink color of the bodice continues on to the skirt.

3. A soft skirt with several layers of fabric that are roughly the same length. Haven’t seen many skirts like this before, but I like it – especially on a younger girl.

4. A very Julie Showalter-esque dress with flower embellishments! I love it! It also has a bit of a mandarin collar.

5. This black and green dress is so bold, but clean and fresh. I absolutely love it. I like how the black design around the top looks like a collar as well. Pretty cool design.

6. How cute is this dress? Love the bow in the corner of the design.

7. This royal blue embroidered petal skirt is just gorgeous and so elegant.

8. This whole look is so well done and girly chic. Love it!

9. All of these girls look fabulous, but the dress on the far left (the winner eventually!) is so classy with gold metallics and embroidery on a black base. Definitely a design that’s growing more and more popular.

10. Wow – this dress is just too cool. A new take on the zipper effect with embroidery and bling. Throwing all the trends in one seamless look!

11. This dress uses sequins on the petal skirt for a pretty cool effect.

12. Absolutely adore this peach dress. A unique color that works perfectly on this dancer. It has the feeling of the reds and pinks we’ve been seeing it while still standing out. Love it!

13. Lace has been an popping up a lot in real world fashion. Here’s a dress using yellow lace in a pretty cool design.

14. How beautiful is this color blue?

15. A simple but bold asymmetric in bright yellow and oranges popping out off a black base. Love the light yellow skirt!

17. A nice twist on the stoned tiaras that are popping up throughout the Irish dance world – one with a pink base.

18. Almost a modern three panel dress!

19. A very cute all pink dress with a pink stoned tiara. The whole outfit just screams feminine class.

20. More and more white dresses have been popping up! Here are two lovely white dress and another one!

22. Another cool take on the stoned tiara!

23. So, it’s not a person’s outfit, but how cute is this bear? Absolutely adorable!

But really, all the Australians looked great and were rocking fabulous outfits all week! Wish I could have been there. Can’t wait for all the new dresses that will be coming out in the next few weeks – pure eyecandy!

Which outfits were your favorites? Remember – keep it nice! Anything inspire you for your next dress?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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