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High Clicks – Oct. 29th, 2011

I’m so sorry for the delay in the past two weeks! Work got crazy for a bit, but I think I should be good for a while! Enjoy this week’s high clicks – a lot of fun things have been going on since I left!

1. To catch up, the All-Scotlands were a few weekends ago. Check out the pictures from the championship here.

2. And, the Great Britain’s were last weekend! Check out more pictures here!

3. Want to incorporate Irish dance into your college degree? Check out Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s Irish dance program as part of their dance degree. This is the first program with Irish dance as a degree that I know of in the US. I know BC offers classes sometimes as well. Anyone else know of any?

4. This. Is. AMAZING. A chance to perform with Lady Gaga when she comes to Belfast? Add this to reasons why I wish I lived in Ireland or the UK… It’s aimed at more mainstream dance forms, but hey – when in Ireland…

5. Not sure if you heard this when it happened, but Rhianna was told off by an Irish farmer for being dressed inappropriately while shooting a music video in his fields. Decide for yourself after seeing the video!

6. Some good advice about staying healthy and avoiding injuries before the Oireachtas. It’s right around the corner! Keep pushing hard, but don’t hurt yourself!

7. A nice article on McKimmon Engelhardt who’s won the Mid-American Oireachtas for the past two years and is looking to make it a third.

8. Sad news, Peggy McTeggart has passed away. Here’s a very nice article on her life and impact on the Irish dance community. She’ll be dearly missed.

9. A great review for Colin Dunne’s Out of Time! It seems so interesting (especially him dancing with historic videos) – I would love to see it.

10. Interested in sean-nos dancing? Here’s an article about how its making a comeback.

11. A great interview with Padriag Moyles on living the Riverdance life. Living the dream! Good read if you’re considering going the show route.

12. Not strictly Irish dance related, BUT Damian McGinty from the Glee project will start his stint on Glee next week as Rory, an Irish exchange student! Check out some previews here. How cute is he? Helps that my boyfriend’s name is also Rory!! No accent though…. 😉

13. A post with some of the sillier Irish dance things across the web including the queen “Irish dancing”. Enjoy the laugh!

14. IDM has announced their man of the year – Kincaid Stringer from the Hession School, Galway. Congrats! Check out photos of all the finalists – really inspiring guys from the Irish dance world. Keep killing it! Love the idea to give t-shirts to the finalists as well. So cute.

15. If you haven’t already seen them, Doire posted some new dresses recently! How unique is this dress? Love the style, it looks so elegant for older dancers. Loving this dress as well.

16. Got mad design skills? Here’s your chance to design the logo for the North American Championships from IDM! Good luck!

17. Some hammerstep videos with music from Deoro! Amazing dancing, as usual. It’s just not fair, really. They can do hip hop better than I can do my set.

18. The cast of Riverdance getting chased by an elephant. Love how no one put their cameras down haha Typical life. Too funny. Absolutely ADORE the accents.

19. Another awesome Hammerstep video – collaborating with Soweto youth in South Africa to learn a traditional African gumboot dance.Think we can bring that into competitions? It’s fantastic!

20. Cats in solo dresses “Irish dancing”. So necessary. Mildly obsessed.

21. Some clips from Jig Gig this year! I could spend hours and hours watching these clips. Who’s your favorite this year?

22. Need some help coming up with practice drills? This youtube account has tons! Oireachtas is right around the corner!

That’s it for this week – I tried to summarize the key things I missed over the past few weeks! Let me know if you found anything else!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



One thought on “High Clicks – Oct. 29th, 2011

  1. The elephants were hysterical, the cats were a little frightening, and Richard Murray was quite adorable! Traveling, rhythm and women… hilarious.

    Posted by Caitlin K | October 31, 2011, 5:23 pm

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