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Irish Dance in the Real World

Irish Dance in the Real World – Halloween 2011

Halloween is right around the corner! In fact, tonight is probably the biggest night for going out and getting your Halloween on, given that Halloween falls on a Monday this year. If you’re like me and STILL don’t have a Halloween costume, never fear. I have some great Irish dance inspired ideas for you!

Interested in going as an Irish dancer for Halloween this year? Here’s a post from SJ at Irish Central at some of the sexier versions of Irish dancers that costume makers are selling this year… Pretty hilarious. Tempting to do for a laugh though!

Going to a party with mostly non-dancers? Here are some ideas for that party:

1. The washed up Riverdancer.

This one is inspired by Up and Over It and their latest video. Your friends will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek take on Irish dance because they know how much you kill yourself practicing!

Plus, the costume is super easy. Take an old tattered wig, a cheesy crown, a show dance dress, some tights, old hard shoes and pair them with smudged makeup – you’re ready to go! Here’s a picture of Up and Over It for an example from their facebook page! If you’re old enough to indulge, the drinks at the party will go perfectly!

2. An Irish dance paper doll.

I can’t take credit for this one. I found this online and how cute is it? PS: Vote for her while you’re at the site! Pretty much a complete 180 from the last costume and completely kid friendly. Some cardboard and an afternoon is all you need! Create the dress of your dreams in paper!

For the Irish dance party, the costumes are about a million times more fun. Ridiculous, but more fun.

1. The Blackbird.

Super easy costume to put together. Grab some black tights, skirt and a top. Combine with black wings, a black feather in your hair and a yellow beak (painted on or attached). Et voila: You have brought the famous traditional set to life.

Here’s an example of one way to do it:

blackbird by feisonista featuring a racerback tank

Alternatively, you could go all out. If I was going to do this costume for Halloween, I absolutely would go the all out route. You could get a legit black bird costume, like the one below, OR get an Angry Birds black bird costume. Because, let’s be honest, the blackbird set makes everyone angry whether you’re learning it or listening to it for the 100th time at the Oireachtas.

2. The King of the Fairies.

Again, such an easy costume to make. Really, all you need is a crown and some wings. Here’s an outfit to get you inspired. I added the red blazer as a nod to my favorite English princes!

king of the fairies
king of the fairies by feisonista featuring skinny fit jeans

3. Any set dance, really.

Here’s the list of the CLRG sets. The vast majority of these can be made into costumes pretty easily and most Irish dancers would get a kick out of them. Get your creativity on!

4. Any identifiable teacher or judge

I won’t go too much into this at the risk of offending anyone, but you could go as any recognizable teacher or figure in the Irish dance world. Go as a stage announcer at Worlds – remember your name tag and some classy clothes! Or go as a stern judge and give everyone marks all night. Better yet – go as your own teacher. Keep it classy and it will give everyone a good laugh.

5. The prima donna Riverdancer/World Champion.Ā 

On the flip side of the washed up Irish dancer, go as the over-the-top, prima donna Riverdancer or World Champion. If you’re going the Riverdance route, bust out your best show costume (bonus points for a tutu skirt or anything adding frills), add a large crown and just be overly pompous all night. Maybe do random “encores” for extra laughs (or drinks!). If you’re going the World Champion route, make sure you have your sash and a paper globe somewhere on your costume. Do random “parades of champions” in this costume!

6. The recall list.

There’s nothing scarier than the recall list. Just wear a plain outfit and tape a white list to cover your torso – you’ll be guaranteed to have the scariest costume in the room!

Need more inspiration? Check out this post on dance.net for some more ideas! Here’s a great post from Shelly Hathaway summarizing videos from Halloween feis specials! Happy Halloween everyone!

What do you think? Are you going as anything Irish dance related this year? What about any Halloween feis specials?

Stay Fashionable (and scaaaaary), Feisers!


2 thoughts on “Irish Dance in the Real World – Halloween 2011

  1. Oh, I love these ideas so much! It’s a shame I celebrated it last night… oh well, next year will be awesome šŸ˜€

    Posted by asdf | October 30, 2011, 11:26 am


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