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Great Britains 2011

Playing Catch Up – CLRG Great Britains

So, while I was away, two major CLRG Irish dance championships took place – The All Scots and the Great Britains! Because they took place only a week apart and the fashion trends were pretty similar at both, I’m only going to post links to the GB pictures. They were easier to go through in general thanks to the great live commentary from Leanne Nelson!


1. First of all, have to say that I just love the merchandise for the event. Creative, stylish options!

2. Presentations : U8 U9 boys U9 girls U12 boys U12 girls U13 girls senior men senior ladies U19 ladies U10 boys U10 girls U11 boys U11 girls U18 men U18 ladies U17 girls U17 boys U20 ladies U14 boys U14 girls U15 boys U15 girls U16 boys U16 girls

3. The GBs is known for its great atmosphere. I think this picture captures the atmosphere! So fun.

Collared Dresses – Several of these popped up throughout the championship, particularly in the younger (U14 and less) age groups.

1. Collars and sweet skirts and bun wigs galore.

2. Here’s a collared dress in yellow.

3. A close up of the adorable pink dress that I mentioned back during the North American Nationals – so cute.

Sequins and updated glitter dot – Sequins were everywhere! Sequins are also popular in real world fashion right now and Irish dance designers did not shy away! Check out some of the ways sequins are being used.

1. Sparkles and lace and everything nice.

2. A sequin covered bodice.

3. Sequin coat effect on this dress.

4. Sweet red dress with sequins in a diagonal design. More asymmetry sequins with bubbles this time!

5. Sequins again, all over the bodice this time.

6. A more subtle use of sequins in the design.

7. Sequins in stripes.

8. One last sequin bodice.

9. Using an updated glitter dot fabric!

Animal Inspired – There were quite a few animal inspired dresses. I particularly love the peacock zipper effect dress. Perfect way to integrate the trends.

1. Peacock – this really works! Another peacock dress and a white one.

2. Casual butterfly.

3. Celtic animals strike back.

Wigless and Hair Trends – I posted a few weeks ago on the wigless trend and it did continue to pop up at the GBs! We’ll have to see if it continues for the Oireachtas! 

1. Rocking the big crowns.

2. Various ways to rock a natural look: Look ma, no wig! Another wigless dancerl. And again with a sequin dress. And another dancer without a wig. Wigless in all red! And again but with more volume.

3. 126’s crown is pretty awesome in gold.

4. Caroline Gray had probably my favorite hair style that I’ve seen it in a while. She rocked it in a low side bun – Check it out, it looks fabulous.

5.  A more natural curly wig like the one I posted about in the Going Wigless post.

6. Rocking a Feather in the side of her bun wig! Very royal wedding chic.

White Dresses – All white dresses continue to be popular using rhinestones for designs. Check out some from the weekend:

1. A pretty amazing white dress.

2. Another, more simple, white dress.

3. A white dress with a unique shape and approach!

4. And of course, the original from Worlds. A closer look at Niamh Neale’s gorgeous dress.

Popular colors – Besides white, fire tones were predominant, especially among the older group. Some really nice jewel tone dresses too though!

1. Reds and pinks in the little age groups with a white background.

2. Firey colors in the older age groups: Firey approach…, Lady in red, Clodagh with some flames, more fire tones, Warm colors in the older age groups.

3. Colorful little girls.

4. Lovely girls in purple. Pretty and cute purple dress.

5. This dancer rocked a nude color bodice. Cool effect!

Skirts – the petal skirts and tulle effect skirts are leading the way, but it is still very much anything goes… as long as it’s loose and not a three panel!

1. So many petal skirts!

2. Loose skirt – a good few over the weekend.

3. Lace and white fabric on skirt. Cool skirt fabric – gold swirls.

4. A nice knife pleat dress!

Designs – anything goes, but here are my favorite dress designs from the championship. A lot of bold geometrics, animal prints and bodice effects.

1. Bold geometrics.

2. Nice use of animal print as an accent.

3. A basket weave dress.

5. LOVE the design on the girl on the right – That’s the definition of a geometry inspired dress!

6. Very dropped waists, collars and zipped effect.

7. Solid color bodices.

8. Abstract designs.

Boys – Can’t forget the boys! A lot of wrap effect vests and almost all had black backgrounds. Looking good!

1. Lookin’ good in rainbow!

2. Boys getting in on the red and collar also in on the pinks.

3. Love the vest and the shirt.

4. Loving the vest on 103 – pink and blue with sick hair.

5. Cross over vest look, and rocking a jacket.

6. Warm colors and sequins on the guys too!

Other awesome outfits – These didn’t fall in any category in particular, but here are some extra outfits that I loved. For some inspiration!

1. Nice belted look.

2. Olivia’s dress is so cute.

3. Both dresses are so pretty.

4. Gorgeous royal blue dress and general outfit.

5. A close up of Terese Corless’s dress and another Kimono style dress!

6. White – super elegant for a senior lady.

7. Matching – so cute.

8. This dress is so cute but elegant.

9. Awesome Celtic Star dresses.

10. Simple and tasteful black and white dress.

11. So stylish all around!

12. Nadine Martin’s new dress and again.

That’s the general wrap up! What do you love? Anything inspire you for the Oireachtas? What trends are you planning to incorporate?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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  1. This was great! Thanks!

    Posted by Tara | October 31, 2011, 4:12 am

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