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High Clicks – Nov. 5th, 2011

Happy November everyone!! It’s finally here – the month we’ve all been waiting for! Oireachtas season is upon us! Enjoy these stories and videos for some inspiration. Oireachtas 2011, let’s gooo!

1. The WIDA British Open was last weekend. Here’s a great article on the competition and their parade of champions. Great to see the wide age range and the standard continuing to develop more and more each year. Love the colors in the U12 champ’s dress!

2. Hope you had a great Halloween! Did anyone go as anything Irish dance related? If you’re still in the mood to get scared, check out Irish Central’s list of the top ten Irish dance fears! I still stand by the recall list being my biggest fear.

3. Found this video on what to wear when Irish dancing! Looks a bit dated, but a pretty good basic overview! What do you think?

4. Another review for Colin Dunne’s Out of Time, praising the artistic development of Irish dance. Very well written piece – makes me want to see the show even more!

5. A Q+A with Craig Ashurst, principal dancer with Riverdance! Another great insight into the world of professional dancing.

6. And here’s another interview with Padraig Moyles, also of Riverdance. Love hearing their takes.

6. Not strictly Irish dancing, but if you’re in the NYC area, the Irish Repitory Theater will be performing Dancing at Lughnasa through Dec. 11th. It’s a play that centers on the stories of 5 unmarried women in a small town in Ireland. Great reviews so far!

7. A really interesting interview with one of the tap dancers in Riverdance. Cool to see the tap dance side of the story. Proof that we can be friends!

8. Again, not really Irish dancing, but Damian McGinty made his premier on Glee this week as Rory Flanagan! I loved it, but Irish Central was less than thrilled. Although, my boyfriend is named Rory so that could have had something to do with it… What did you think?

9. Riverdance is coming to California! Here’s an article showing why the show’s still got it years later and with tour dates. And another article on it’s return to California.

10. Another New York video – a great video about the Riverdance influence on Irish dance and the Irish community in New York. Can you tell itching to go back for Thanksgiving?

11. As an Irish dancer who has just taken up ballet, I love this – Irish dance from a ballet perspective. There is a lot of technique cross over, but some things are very, very different – plies being the prime example.

12. This is from last year, but a great video from the Villanova Irish Dance Team at Philly’s Best Dance Crew. Work it girls!

13. This looks so fun – Dillon Moore Academy in Italy! Love the costumes and choreography.

14. Riverdance at the Guinness Warehouse in Dublin. A bit of an awkward angle so its hard to see the dancing sometimes, but great regardless. Absolutely adore that green dress in the beginning as well.

15. Lovely dancing on Jig Gig and a great costume – the perfect combination of modern and traditional.

16. Trinity dancers opening Dance Chicago – Great dancing as always.

17. The Gothard Sisters’ new album Story Girl came out this week. Can’t wait to listen to it! Check out this beautiful music video from the album.

18. Best of luck to everyone at the Southern Region UK’s qualifiers today! Wish I was there – own it!

19. From IDM – Not Irish dance, but well worth watching! Very inspiring.

20. And on the other end of the spectrum… Traditional Irish dancing in China? Not quite….

21. There’s a new solo choreography for the Riverdance female lead. Sounds awesome!

That’s it for this week! Enjoy! Did you find anything else great in the Irish dance world this week? Let me know!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


3 thoughts on “High Clicks – Nov. 5th, 2011

  1. Love the Villanova Irish Dance link! That was a really good routine.

    Posted by Caitlin K | November 6, 2011, 11:22 pm

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