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What to Wear There? – The 2011 Oireachtas.

Believe it or not, the Oireachtas season is upon us! There’s a ton going on to get ready for this crazy weekend and it’s easy to get very stressed. The last thing you need to worry about is figuring out what to wear when you’re not dancing! Don’t worry, focus on the important things like nailing that jig and stoning your dress – I’ve got your daily outfits covered.

Before I get into the Oireachtas, I would love to have eyewitness reports from each Oireachtas! I’ll do a general update after, but local reports always add more character. You could do a full article or just a note to me on what you’re seeing. Interested? Leave a comment or email me at feisonista@gmail.com.

On to the outfits!

The Trip Up

Depending on where you live, you might have a longer or short trip, so adjust this as you need. The key here is to be comfortable, but still stylish. You want to arrive at that hotel like you own it – head completely in the game already. I don’t know about you, but I never feel very confident in sweats.

This is my go-to travel outfit: a loose dress, tights and flats. The dress keeps you comfortable and stylish while the tights give you the option of contorting in all kinds of ways without flashing anyone. Keep material to cotton so it will travel well and won’t wrinkle too much.

This dress from H+M is perfect for traveling. If you live in a colder area, pair it with a sweater to stay warm and perfectly on trend for this fall. Simple black ballet flats finish the outfit, keeping it polished but casual and comfortable. If you don’t want to rock a sweater, you could get a dress that matches your team jacket! Another way to get your head in the game on the ride up.

travel by feisonista featuring crop tops


The Non-Dancing Days

Regardless of if your off day (if you have one!) falls before or after you dance, it’s about looking stylish and classy. Your outfit should radiate confidence and elegance, just like your dancing. You’ll be seeing judges, teachers and thousands of other dancers. You want to give them a great impression of you off-duty as well as in dancing mode.

Here are a few outfit ideas for non-dancing.

For a classy and stylish look, pair a long sleeve dress with boots and some key accessories. You could also add a belt to this look! If you’re in a colder area, add tights underneath the dress. Finish it off with a classic bag that’s big enough to hold your program and any other extra things for the day! Add a scarf to the leather handle in your school colors to support your dancers! This look would also be perfect for a TCRG on the go.

More of a jeans girl? Here’s a more casual outfit that still keeps you looking polished. A scarf is a great way to dress up any casual outfit and make it look polished. You can pair it with the same bag from above or go a little more funky – depending on your style. I left the shoes off this outfit because you can go so many ways with it depending on what you like it. A classic black pair of pumps dress it up, some flat brown leather riding boots dress it down and cute flats hit right in between dressy and casual. Whatever makes you more comfortable!

off duty dancer 2
off duty dancer 2 by feisonista featuring cigarette jeans


The Dancing Days

The important day! Your dancing day! Today you want an outfit that will put you in the right frame of mind to kill it on stage. You want to make sure you can practice and easily slip your outfit on and off before you get on stage. Here are some outfits that are stylish but you can wear while getting your game face on.

I used to love matching my outfits to my dance dress. It helped me keep my game face on, even if I wasn’t on stage. Here’s an outfit inspired by one of the most popular colors for dance dresses this fall – red! Pair a solid red tank top to wear under your dress with a fun, flowing skirt so you can still practice and warm up. Just remember your bloomers! Finish it with a white cardigan or a black blazer/leather jacket if you want to be super stylish. Also, how comfortable do these flats look? Perfect for giving your feet a rest in between rounds!

dance day 1
dance day 1 by feisonista featuring knit tops


Another option is matching your outfit to your school colors. This is a great idea for ceili days, especially. Gotta rep your school! Pair a casual crop top with your dance tank top and a tennis skirt for the perfect combination of athletic and cute. Make sure to finish it with your school jacket! This outfit would also pair well with your Oireachtas t-shirt. Just make sure that the neck is wide enough to take over your wig!

dance day 2
dance day 2 by feisonista featuring long tank tops


Socializing at Night

One of the best parts of the Oireachtas is hanging out with your friends from dance that you might not see all the time. The community and culture is really what it’s all about!

This is a casual outfit to wear if you’re just hanging out. I love the trend this fall of pairing flannel shirts with dresses. It’s a great way to keep your summer dresses alive a little bit longer. If you don’t like the dress idea, change it out for a pair of skinny jeans and tuck them into the boots. Or wear it with flats – either way, a great casual fall look.

at night
at night by feisonista featuring a heart dress


Old enough to be hitting up the hotel bar after you dance? Try this outfit out. Go with me on this one. The shirt is pretty loud, but if you can’t wear sequins at the Oireachtas, where else can you? And, just like in the Irish dance world, sequins are a big fall trend this year in real world fashion! The key to making this outfit work is keeping the rest simple. A elegant navy skirt (I would go a little shorter than this one, but you get the idea) and classic nude pumps finish the outfit. Just like in a dance dress, it’s about balance. I have faith in my feisonistas to work it!

at night 2
at night 2 by feisonista featuring sparkly tops

And, just like that, your weekend is over! You made it through, and looked fabulous the whole time! Time to relax.

What do think? What are you planning on wearing to the Oireachtas? Let us know what you end up wearing! Remember to let me know if you want to report back on fashion trends from your Oireachtas!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


One thought on “What to Wear There? – The 2011 Oireachtas.

  1. very modest, classy, and attractive choices! Good luck to the dancers and all participants!

    Posted by catherine | November 8, 2011, 2:57 am

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