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High Clicks – Nov. 21, 2011

Another great weekend of competitions down! Congratulations to all the dancers who participated – win or not, you’re all stars for just getting there. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

1. Congrats to the ECRO dancers! Check out the parade of champions here!

2. And to the Leinster dancers!

3. And to the Western Region USA dancers!


4. And to the Mainland Europe dancers!

5. And of course to my New England dancers – I just can’t find the parade yet! To come later!

6. In case you missed it earlier, TLC is doing an Irish dance reality show “Irish dancing tweens”. Read my post about it for more details! Looks like they were filming at the NERO this weekend.

7. Riverdance was on the Price is Right this week! Check it out. Would have loved to see him guess on an solo dress! Unfortunately, it looks like the other guy won from the comments.

8. Struggle with smiling when you’re dancing? This post from Irish Central gives great tips on how to master that authentic gaelic grin! Great advice for dancers going to their Oireachtas this weekend.

9. A fun article about two local Irish dancers with the Greene-Comerford Academy of Irish dancing! Love hearing each dancer’s story.

10. Z and B has made his glorious return to the Irish dance blogging world! Check out the Eight Traditional Facial Expressions of Irish Dancers. Too funny, as always. If you fall into any of these categories, maybe you should check out the Irish Central article above… haha

11. Great news – The Boston Irish Social Club will not be shut down thanks to efforts of the Irish community in New England, including local Irish dance schools.

12. Michael Flatley was honored at the American Ireland Fund dinner in Chicago this week. If you didn’t know, the most famous Irish dancer began his dancing career in Chicago.

13. This is fantastic – The University of Limerick has developed the National Dance Archive of Ireland. So important to know where we came from as we continue to evolve as a dance form.

14. In the Ukraine this week? Rhythm of the Dance will be performing in Kiev on Thursday the 24th.

15. Coco Rocha made $35000 in donations for the homeless by doing a few treble reel steps! Check out the video – Love it! The true definition of a Feisonista. How much are your feet worth?!

16. The CRN Nationals were a few weekends ago! Check out the pictures from IDM here! Congrats to all the dancers!

17. Elevation Design has a new website design and it’s great! Love the new styles they have on there. Be sure to email them your professional photos from this year to be showcased on the website!

18. This is sweet – a video analysis of which muscles you’re working when you’re dancing!

19. Dance performance from the Irish dance team at the University of Dayton – great dancing and choreography!

20. And, just for some light inspiration – check out this three year old nailing the St. Patrick’s Day. Crazy!! One to watch for the future!

That’s all I have so far! I’ll update with more parades if I find them from this weekend’s qualifiers. Good luck if you’re dancing this week!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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