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Oireachtas 2011

2011 CLRG Qualifiers – Trend Updates

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oireachtas season! And you know what that means – tons and tons of new dresses. I’m going to do a more detailed take on Oireachtas fashion after it’s all said and done, but here’s a quick look at things halfway through!

Popular Skirts

1. Soft skirts of all shapes and sizes! Here are some popular ones: this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one!

2. This soft style skirt in particular was everywhere – it has light tulle effect with embroidery.

3. Petal skirts continue to be popular (particularly in the younger age groups). The skirts are perfect for the “transition” age groups because they’re still fun and frilly, but add an extra bit of class.

4. I really like this style that was very popular at the Oireachtas – A layered soft skirt that has almost an old-school petticoat. Here’s one with an Animal print style that successfully incorporates the animal print trend in a classy way.

5. Not a huge soft skirt fan? Pleats haven’t completely disappeared (though they aren’t as popular). The newer pleats are softer, without the extensive stiffening of previous dresses. Here’s an updated Pleated skirt and another one and one more for good measure!

Popular Designs

1. One design seems to be a resurgence of styles that were popular when I bought my last dress in 2007 – the repeating motif with minimal embroidery. The updated designs flow more than the rigid designs of 2007, but the appliqué motif is similar. This one is really nice.

2. Copper, gold and sparkles all over! This dress is a great example. Sparkles have also been showing up as a key design element by popping in the asymmetric color block, or as the whole bodice, or on the sleeves.

3. Speaking of asymmetrical, it’s still going strong! Two main looks right now are the pulled over vest look (the dress on the right) and a very Doire-type design that takes over the whole dress in a swirly form.

4. Another popular asymmetrical look is one that incorporates horizontal details across the dress. Here’s a nice one with celtic knot work.

5. White dresses with a dash of embroidery continue to be very popular. There are many dresses with minimal embroidery and a lot of rhinestone designs right now!

6. Puffy sleeves have popped up a good few times this Oireachtas season! This trend is particularly popular among the younger crowd.

7. The ballet shrug effect, like the white one in this picture, is another design that’s emerged from this Oireachtas season!  Here’s another beautiful one, this time with sequins! Another similiar trend is extensive embroidery on the shoulders.

9. Bling is nothing new in the Irish dancing world. However, I noticed more bling than ever so far this Oireachtas season. This newest trend is to cover embroidery and applique with rhinestones.Check out the levle of rhinestone detailing on this dress!  Get your glue guns ready!

10. The Flame effect has been popular since Nationals and has no sign of dying down. Many dresses use flame colorings and designs to add some fire on the stage!

11. There are more pinks and white in the younger age groups and reds and black in the older age group. However, overall, the trend is more just bright colors and pops of colors. Check out this picture of new Gavin dresses to get a feel for popular colors.

12. The zip up/corset look that Gavin debuted at the Worlds is still popular as is the Lauren Early type skirt.

13. The Halter effect is another design that continues to rise in popularity. I love it – I think it really frames the dancer’s face and draws attention to beautiful smiles!

15. This trend has been on-going since at least Worlds, but chunkier knotwork applique continues to go strong and look fresh. The red dress in the middle here is a good example. It’s a great way to meld tradition and modern design.

16. Last but not least, Collars are still going strong as well! These are primarily made by Doire and look very classy and elegant – particularly with a bun wig.

17. I posted about high waisted dresses and wondering if they were going to become mainstream. Gavin’s debuted a few dresses at the Oireachtas that aren’t really high waisted, but have a similar feel. A very Doire-esque design! It’s more a thick belt look – very striking.

Popular Hair Styles

1. The big rhinestone tiaras are everywhere. It’s amazing to see how a trend can happen so quickly! I saw it popping up here and there at Worlds, more so at Nationals, and now they’re pretty common place! I do love the trend though, so I can’t complain!

2. Natural looking hair (maybe not a trend per say, but notable) continues to pop up. I didn’t see many wigless dancers, but there were a good few going for a more natural look. Here’s a bun take on the natural trend.

Dresses I love.

I haven’t had a chance to dive through all of the Oireachtas pictures yet, but here are some that caught my eye so far! Everyone looks spectacular though – absolutely adore the new dresses so far!

1. This Orange and white dress with ruffle skirt. Whole look is adorable but elegant.

2. This All red dress with subtle orange detailing. Wouldn’t have thought it would work, but it looks sweet.

3. This White with flowers is whimsical and adorable. Love the matching red shoes!

4. I love a good sun-ray effect, and this one is awesome.

5. This dress is so elegant! Love as good black and silver dress this time of year.

6. Cool skirt! Love the overlay effect.

7. This is an amazing dress. Combination of a belt and corset effect in a brilliant pink color.

13. It looks like this dress is rocking a real cape/shawl? A very cool dress for a fantastic dancer.

And that’s how it looks at the half! Boys are coming, I promise.

What do you think? Anything you loved or were inspired by? Any new looks you can’t wait to debut over the next two weeks? Let us know!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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