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High Clicks

High Clicks – Week of Nov. 28th, 2011

Welcome to December and the last weekend of CLRG qualifiers! Here’s what’s been going on around the Irish dance world this year! Thanks for reading – November was my best month so far! I love you all!

1. A great article on Jig with an interview on John Carey. Cool to see behind the scenes on the documentary.

2. Congrats to everyone who danced at their regional Oireachtas this past weekend. Check out the parade of champions from the various regionals here!

3. The Darrah Carr dancers will be dancing on Dec. 17th in Middletown, NY for a “Classic Irish Christmas”. Love their dancing! Check it out if you’re around the area.

4. This is great – Apparently at the New England Oireachtas, there was a Major League Gaming convention also going on at the convention center. Check out the sweet video they made featuring the two events. How cute are the little boy dancers/gamers? Dancing first! 😉

5. Speaking of boys, it can be hard being a boy Irish dancer. Here’s an article from Irish Central about the pros and cons of being a boy in the Irish dance world. This, however, is still my favorite con about being a boy Irish dancer courtesy of Z and B!

6. A solid review of Jig – not overwhelmingly positive or negative, but solid!

7. Another Christmasy event! Eileen Ivers will be in St. Louis on Dec. 10th for a Celtic Christmas show. She usually has dancers at her shows, too!

8. More proof that Irish dance is a global phenomenon – great dancing from Israel. Love the intensity on his face!

9. An inspiring article about Garrett Faust who just won the CRN NANs after just starting three years ago.

10. Always wanted to own artwork from the Lord of the Dance himself? Now you can for a cool 3000-5000 Euros. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. He danced his solo from Celtic Thunder (the Capone one) with paint on his shoes. Can you make out the steps?

11. Getting your Christmas list ready? Check out an Irish Dancer’s Christmas Wish List from Shelly Hathaway!

12. Another inspiring article, Kerry O’Shea recaps coming out of retirement to do ceili at the Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas. You can always come back!

13. The trailer came out a few weeks ago – check out the full Oireachtas video from the Clark Academy of Irish Dance. Love it!

14. A sweet compilation of various Irish dancing clips. The music is awesome and I love that the dancing is timed to the music! It’s a nice touch.

15. Great preview of various shows from Penk-O’Donnell. Great dancing, as always. Very professional.

16. A different style than what you’ll see at competitions, but this is what I love. Just dancing with some live music and going for it. Just dancing.

17. This is awesome – Russel Howard dancing (or trying to) with some great Irish dancers including Jan Gaca!

18. Awesome dancing from McGing (and fabulous dresses, I might add…). Get that Downfall!

19. Owen Barrington with the Reno Irish Dance company and one of my favorite Eileen Ivers songs. When I was little my school did a great routine to this song and I thought it was the most amazing thing of all time.

20. Tis the Season for shopping and discounts! Check out great deals from Doire, IDM, Loretta’s Dresses, Paula Goulding color coding

21. Obsessed with these notebooks from Ursula Celano in Dublin! Perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!

22. Getting into the spirit? Consider doing Irish Fireside’s Secret Santa! Sounds like fun.

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for some fun posts this weekend! Good luck if you’re dancing!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!




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