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Oireachtas 2011

2011 Oireachtas Lines from Irish Dance Designers – Siopa Rince

In the past, I’ve done updates based on the major trends and things I’ve noticed. For the 2011 Oireachtas, I’m going to do it more based on each designer’s “line” for the Oireachtas. I think it will be cleaner and easier to see the overall trends for this year. And plus, every major competition is a little bit like a fashion show, right? Our runway is just a little wider!

Make sure you catch the previous post on Gavin Doherty‘s new line! Stay tuned for updates from designers like Siopa Rince, Doire Designs, Elevation and more!

Siopa Rince

All pictures from Siopa Rince’s facebook page

General Feel: Siopa is featuring much more elegant, glitzy aesthetic than Gavin this fall. Flowing lines, florals, velvet bodices and shiny accents all feature prominently in Siopa’s recent designs. Where Gavin tended towards matte fabric, Siopa has turned towards the shiny side of things using satins, metallics and rhinestones. The best way to describe it is girly in a fierce kind of a way!

New Styles: Versions of this skirt have been around for a bit, but I love the way Siopa twisted it for this season. The soft skirt almost looks like its laid on top of a white petticoat. It’s a very cute look, but one that can still be worn by older dancers.The dancer on the right of this picture shows this skirt off. It also shows off another very cool way to have a nature inspired dress.

There’s also this skirt which again has been around, but Siopa updated for this fall. I absolutely love this – it’s like an adorable party dress. I have argued over the years that I would like to see more Irish knotwork and less party in dresses, but this is just too cute.

The last style is again one that popped up a bit at the North American Nationals, but Siopa has pushed much more at the Oireachtas. This skirt drapes fabric over the skirt. Doire is also very fond of this style. It lowers the waist even further, but on the right body type it looks phenomenal.

Continuing styles: One of the great things about Siopa is that they don’t tend to use the same general design and alter it slightly. Most Siopa dresses are pretty unique. However, in general, Siopa continues to work the asymmetric trend as it works perfectly into their aesthetic. The newest asymmetrical dresses cover the dress in swooping, flowing designs which Siopa does very well.

Siopa also continues to feature the starburst effect with rhinestones and other rhinestone focused designs. For example, check out this picture for some lovely rhinestone designs.

They do still feature the puffball skirt on their website, but it looks like they’re using it sparingly in newer designs. They’re continuing to feature puffed sleeves and designs that are heavier on embroidery, but rarely Celtic knotwork. However, they’re never one to shy away from texture! There have been some fabulous dresses with great lace overlays, sequin-type material and three dimensional accents like flowers and bows.

They continue to feature their version of the bodice/corset type design which is more subtle than Gavin’s. They also continue to use bell sleeves in their dresses – a nice touch for an under-appreciated dress area! It also looks like they might be jumping on board the collar trend – only time will tell!

Boys styles: Siopa’s vests feature more knotwork and embroidery then Gavin’s tend to. Though their dresses are distinctly feminine, the vests are a great combination of elegant and fierce sharpness. This is an example from the North American Nationals but is true of fall styles as well. Unfortunately, again, there aren’t too many vest pictures. Any lads with a new Siopa vest want to share?

What do you think of Siopa’s newest designs? Anything inspire you for a new dress or vest? Let us know, but remember to be considerate of dress owners who adore their dresses and vests!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!

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