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Oireachtas 2011

2011 Oireachtas Lines from Irish Dance Designers – Doire Designs

In the past, I’ve done updates based on the major trends and things I’ve noticed. For the 2011 Oireachtas, I’m going to do it more based on each designer’s “line” for the Oireachtas. I think it will be cleaner and easier to see the overall trends for this year. And plus, every major competition is a little bit like a fashion show, right? Our runway is just a little wider!

Make sure you catch the previous post on Gavin Doherty and Siopa Rince‘s new line! Stay tuned for updates from designers like Elevation and more!

Doire Designs

All pictures from Doire’s facebook page


General Feel: Doire is continuing their elegant designs with their 2011 Oireachtas dresses. Their dresses feature swirled lines with a dynamic feel. Though their designs continue to be very feminine and feature a lot of embroidery, Doire does it in a bold and fresh way. They continue to push the limits of dress silhouettes and general design.

New Styles: Doire had a few new takes on their designs at the Oireachtas! The one notable development was much more embroidery on the sleeves and shoulder. Check out these dresses below for a few examples. As you can see on those dresses, the asymmetric embroidery flows right onto the dress, without much of a break. It turns the whole dress into a pallet for design – truly wearable art.

Another new trend coming out of Doire’s Oireachtas dresses was a bit of a turn towards geometric and applique based designs. However, Doire took Gavin’s sharp lines and kept the design bold while still being distinctly elegant.

Along the same lines, Doire has put their own twist on the general Irish dance trends right now. The dress on the left above shows Doire’s take on Gavin’s corset and belt look. The dress on the right shows they’re take on the layered skirt look that I reported about in the Siopa post. I’m not sure who developed it first, but I like it! Doire also introduced a dress with a shrug sweater look, similar to the ones Gavin also debuted this fall.

The dress on the left below shows off the shrug look, while the dress on the right shows another corseted look.

Continuing styles: Doire continues to feature their unique silhouettes and trendsetting designs. Flowing asymmetrics still feature prominently in many of their dresses. Check out these dresses for an example.

Their updated collars that I mentioned in this post continue to be popular design choices. Here are some of my favorites.

They’ve also continued to do several solid color dresses or very simple designs with rhinestones. I posted about all red dresses here – this is just a continuation of that trend.

Throughout this post, you can check out the various skirt styles that they’ve been using. As you can see, it’s a wide variety however, one thing has remained consistent – loose and flowing! Even the few more structured skirts still flow nicely when dancing.

Boys styles: Doire has a similar approach to vests as Siopa. They translate their flowing style to a more masculine version for vests. However, the use similar designs – flowing appliques, asymmetrical designs, and of course, bling! Check out this vest for an example!

What do you think of Doire’s newest designs? Anything inspire you for a new dress or vest? Let us know, but remember to be considerate of dress owners who adore their dresses and vests!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


One thought on “2011 Oireachtas Lines from Irish Dance Designers – Doire Designs

  1. I have to say, I LOVE Doire Designs. The flowing curls in the designs are so elegant. That red, black, and white dress in the second group of pictures is simply stunning. I want one… haha.

    Posted by Caitlin K | December 20, 2011, 10:53 am

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