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Irish Dance in the Real World

Irish Dance in the Real World: Finding Boots that Fit

I hope you all had a great holiday and are looking forward to the new year!

Did you get any boots as presents over the past few weeks that didn’t fit? Serious Irish dancer problems. Never fear – Feisonista is here to help you out with your boot struggles with advice from feisonistas who have been in your shoes – literally! Return those tight boots for some that will fit your well earned calves with these tips!

1. Before you go out shopping, get out your tape measure and check out zappos.com. They list boots by calf circumference so you can figure out your options before you hit the mall. -Craniotomy114

2. Leather is usually a better bet than a cotton based fabric. As we know from Irish dance shoes, leather will stretch to a custom fit and is more forgiving.

3. Boots with an elastic strip built in can be a great way to add some extra width without sacrificing style. I like ones in black with the strap in the back of the boot. I find it camouflages the elastic better. -Caffeine

4. Lace up boots are another great way to add extra width and stay stylish. And, luckily, they’re super trendy right now! -gnrdancer and BeautifulMistake

5. For rainboots, try ones with an elastic top. Ones like these will give your calves room while still looking stylish and keeping your feet warm. – Sakura_Effect

6. Try boots with a wider opening like cowboy boots. They were originally designed to wear comfortably over jeans, after all! They might be a bit country but you can find very fashionable versions in a wide variety of fabric to wear in various occasions.

7. If they work on your figure, slouchy boots tend to fit wider and can look very nice. Make sure you try these first though! They can hit at an awkward place and make your calves look larger. -@RincePop

8. If you’ve really struggled finding boots that fit, try the mid-calf approach! This works especially great if you have long legs. Tuck a pair of skinny jeans into mid and lower calf boots, like these. – Meggo67

9. Try adjustable length boots like these that are very on trend right now. You can tie them up as high as your calves will allow! -Meggo67

10. This is fairly common sense, but boots will fit better when you’re wearing tights and thinner leggings than under pants. Rock black boots and tights for a chic look that will be much less of a struggle getting on.

Brand Suggestions

1. Uggs, or if those don’t fit, try knock off brands. Other brands have a wider variety of calf widths.

2. Payless and BCBG Slouchy Boots

3. Classic knee high black boots: Aerosoles and Bandolino -highlander

4. Avoid Nine West boots – although stretchy, they fit very tight and make for a long day!

Hope this helps – I feel your pain! Do you have any suggestions for finding boots to fit Irish dancing calves?


2 thoughts on “Irish Dance in the Real World: Finding Boots that Fit

  1. you can also have a show place stretch out leather boots for you 🙂

    Posted by aisling | January 5, 2012, 10:08 pm


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