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Inspired by … Brosena and Prodijig

This Got to Dance’s season is very exciting for Irish dancers! In this year’s live semi-finals there will be not only one, but two Irish dance groups! They are Brosena and Prodijig, both excellent groups who are representing us excellently.

I’ve talked about Prodijig’s groundbreaking audition before, but here it is again if you haven’t seen it. Really dynamic stuff.


Brosena is a on-stage and off-stage couple that mix great dancing with fun chemistry. Love their dynamics.


While both groups rock phenomenal dancing, they also have great styles. Prodijig has a very rigid, strong look while Brosena has a more traditional, flirty look. Both styles are perfectly suited to inspiration in the Irish dance world and the real world.

1. Prodijig

Prodijig on Got 2 Dance

Prodijig’s look matches their fierce and dynamic dance style. They’re truly pushing the boundaries of Irish dance and their futuristic look reflects that. The all black look keeps the focus on their feet with enough detail to keep visual interest. They jazzed up the costume in a later interview with touches of color. Finally, they keep it androgynous and keep the group looking like one cohesive Irish dancing machine.

The keys to their look:

  • A futuristic, strong look
  • Dark colors
  • Geometric and popping accents
  • Slick, pulled back hair
  • Androgynous look

Dance dress with a Prodijig feel:

This dress perfectly evokes Prodijig’s fierceness. It has a dark base with a geometric pop to keep the visual interest. The collar adds to that sharp, futuristic feel and would look great with a pulled back bun wig! And, just like Prodijig, it’s on the cutting edge. Love it!

Outfit inspired by Prodijig:

prodijig1 by feisonista featuring cropped shirts

This outfit takes its Prodijig’s all black look to the real world. The key to making a monochromatic look work is by mixing textures, styles and keeping it fashion forward. The accessories add a pop of color and keep interest. The overall look is relatively gender neutral but still looks figure flattering. And again, the shoes and leather jacket keep it on trend! Pair it with a fabulous high bun and get your power on, Prodijig style.

2. Brosena

Brosena at Got 2 Dance auditions from their gallery.

In many ways, Brosena are the opposite of Prodijig, but equally fantastic. The on-stage and off-stage couple of Erin Trevena and Tom Brosnan are more traditional, but play with their chemistry to create enthralling numbers. Their overall look is classic and flirty, playing with floral patterns and classic colors. They add to the traditional look with black tights and pants, creating great lines with their legs. However, there is still an edge in their choreography that’s complemented with her skirt and his funky shirt. In stark contrast to Prodijig, Erin finishes her look with a lovely, romantic hair style complete with flowers and loose curls. I wish I could do that in my normal life!

The keys to their look:

  • A flirty look
  • Classic colors
  • Florals and classic styling
  • Loose, romantic hair
  • Extras to add a bit of an edge

Dance dress with a Brosena feel:

I love this dress from Celtic Star. It melds the traditional and modern look, just like Brosena. The sweetheart neckline invokes Erin’s dress while still fitting Irish dance criteria. The knotwork on the bodice isn’t floral, but it does give the same patterny vibe. It also has classic primary colors, just like Brosena. The bling and edging on the skirt add the dramatic touches that bring the dress to the next level. Finish the dress with some tights (the edging will let the dress pop) and a loose hair style.

Outfits inspired by Brosena:

Brosena2 by feisonista featuring high waisted jeans

For Brosena, I have two outfits because I couldn’t chose between them! The overall look is classic, but there are little pops to spice it up, like the bows on the shoes. The flower earrings invoke the flirty look and the flowers Erin added to her hair. This look will take you from the classroom to a night with friends!



Brosena1 by feisonista featuring lace up boots


I really love this outfit, so stay with me on this one! This outfit is clearly not as classic, but it does have classic elements like the sweater and earrings. However, the skirt is bold and edgy, like her skirt. By layering the sweater over the skirt, it tones down the skirt and makes it wearable, but still fun and edgy. The accessories bring in the blue from their look while adding some visual interest. The shoes tie up and have a bit of an Irish dance shoe vibe! The overall look is trendy, but romantic – just like Brosena. Finish with some fantastic curls and prepare to find your own dance partner!

Best of luck to both groups this weekend in the semis! I can’t wait to see your routines!

What do you think of their looks and the outfits? Are you inspired by their look and dancing? Anyone planning on putting their own take on our Got 2 Dance celebrities?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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