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All-Irelands 2012

CLRG All-Irelands 2012 Days 1- 4 Recap

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This year for Valentine’s Day, I bring you my first recap on fashions from the All-Irelands. Unfortunately, due to work and a wonderful visit from friends, I haven’t been able to do as much of an event cover as I’d like. However, hopefully this will make it up to you!

Where to begin… Unfortunately, I can only post to pictures that are public which tend to be a lot of Gavins. While Eire Designs does set most of the trends, there have been some amazing looks from other designers. Feis Pix should have the rest of the dresses up soon so I’ll add some of the other looks I loved then! If you can’t wait, I do recommend checking out the live commentary. The pictures are much closer than you’ll otherwise see and you get a bigger variety. Just please, do the rest of us a favor and don’t try and circumnavigate the CLRG set up website’s controls – otherwise we’ll have nothing to look at in the future!

Dresses from Eire Designs

1. Celtic knotwork. I imagined this was going to be a growing trend and it’s definitely been a stand out story at the AIs so far. The magnified knotwork look has been featured in several of Gavin’s recent dresses, both thick and glitzy like Celtic Star’s take and a thinner applique. I absolutely love it. Modern, yet traditional – perfection! This pink Gavin dress is my favorite so far.

2. Collars going mainstream. Doire started this trend last year and it’s officially been embraced by the Irish dance public! Gavin released a ton of new collared dresses this week. Loved them when Doire did them, love them when Gavin does those, Love the look! It looks especially classy with a bun wig! Check out Shannon Bradley’s new dress complete with a collar! As a side note, this might be one of my favorites so far. Love everything about it. That might be too much love, but it’s Valentine’s day so I’m going with it. Here’s a close-up as well.

3. Sequins. Picking up on Celtic Star’s lead, Gavin threw sequins everywhere in his new dresses. Accents, applique, bases. Everywhere. Looks like sequins have officially made their comeback. Check out this picture of the Eire stand for proof that it’s been used anywhere and everywhere!

4. Natural hair. This might be the biggest story of the All-Irelands so far. I wish I had more pictures of this. Several dancers have done their hair in a more natural way. Some went with wigs that resembled the 2008 era Anabelle wig. Some more resemble bigger, loose curls – think a toned down Toddlers in Tiaras wig. Some went with the side bun and some went for loose updos. This was probably a total of 5-10% of the dancers, but much more substantial than normal. Definitely something to keep an eye on for the future.

5. Bun wigs. The other big hair story is that bun wigs are decisively here. Many of the younger age groups were a 50-60% split of bun wigs and even the teenage girls were a 30-50% split. The older girls in bun wigs are really killing the loose styling and making it look like more of a natural updo. Some extremely elegant looks so far this week. Shannon’s look above is a great example of how to rock a bun wig. I also love the look with only a big stoned tiara a loose styling.

10. Folded Fan. Not quite sure what to call this motif, so I’m going with the folded fan. Gavin had a few dresses with this look so far. It’s an interesting look that definitely adds dimension to the dress. This one is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Would love to see what it looks like on stage.

11. More ballet shrugs. The ballet shrug look continues to make appearances. This is a cute version of the motif. It looks like it will be this year’s corset design – though the corset design is still popular and very much in style. In terms of the corset look, Gavin is altering it slightly by making it looser, and playing with the pinning. This yellow dress is a great example of the updated corset. It’s also phenomenal in general.

12. Belted motif. It appeared after the worlds last year that the belted look might not be hugely popular. However, it’s surging at the AIs. The belted look and repeating motif look has been in full force this week. In terms of repeating, three seems to be the magic number. Check out this bold dress for an example.

13. Neckline – corset top interaction. I’m really not sure how else to call this one! However, many new dresses had a connection between the neckline of the dress and the top of the “corset” top. The corset top is also dropping lower and becoming a straight line across rather than the sweetheart. An example really would be helpful here instead of me rambling about interactions.. It’s somewhat hard to see, but the copper bodice colored dress is somewhat of what I mean. Many variations on this style – I’ll post more as I find them.

14. More varied, bolder colors. The AIs have seen a broader range of colors, even in the younger ages. I would say the warm colors are still predominant, but other colors are much more prevalent. Deep primary colors in bold contrast with one another, mostly. Think color blocking on an Irish dance dress! Check out Gavin’s stand if you have any doubts!

15. White, copper, silver combo. On the flip side, this color combo was also everywhere. White base, tulle skirt, copper embroidery and applique and silver stoning and details. Everywhere – especially on redheaded dancers. Lovely look.

16. One colored dress with rhinestone detail. This look was popular at the NANs and continues to remain strong. Another simple, but classy look, especially with a bun wig.

17. Bold geometrics if you’re not into traditional. Not super into knotwork? Don’t worry, dresses went the complete opposite as well! The green dress in this picture is a good example.

18. Skirts. In terms of skirts, they’re all over the place. The loose tulle look and petal skirt is very much in fashion. Ribbon skirts are very popular as well – check out the ballet shrug dress above for a cool version. There have been several dresses with more of a pleated look, almost mini-knife pleats. This dress is a good example. It’s also a good example of the white-copper combo I mentioned earlier.This loose soft skirt is also popular. Just love that red dress, as a side note!

Those are the major trends I’ve been seeing! I’ll post more of my favorite looks tomorrow with new trends and details as the week goes on. What do you think? What are your favorite looks so far? Any “off-duty” looks you loved?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



2 thoughts on “CLRG All-Irelands 2012 Days 1- 4 Recap

  1. Love reading your blog and looking at the photos! A great to see what’s happening in Irish dance fashion! Thanks for your hard work and putting in the time to create a well written blog.

    Posted by Deedra | February 15, 2012, 5:15 pm
  2. I LOVE that Celtic Knotwork is coming back into style. The bold, wide knot designs (like the red and black dress at the top) are so modern with a fantastically traditional twist. I just think that’s the way to do it. It keeps the dress looking updated and chic while giving a nod to the traditional roots. Simply beautiful.

    Posted by Caitlin K | February 16, 2012, 1:11 pm

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