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All-Irelands 2012

CLRG All-Irelands 2012 Day 5 Recap

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who read yesterday! I had a really phenomenal response – you guys are the best!

That said, onto day 5! Most of the trends from the first four days remain true, so I’m only going to post what stood out to me that we hadn’t seen before. And, like yesterday, I’ll post links where I can find them!

Dresses by Eire Designs

1. Sequin lattice. This was on Shannon Bradley’s dress yesterday, but has popped up on a few more dresses today. (Side note: I said yesterday that this was Shannon’s dress. I lied, she was in the sequin dress at the AIs). It’s a really interesting effect that adds shimmer and shine without causing the dress to lose dimension. Sometimes a full sequin dress can get distorted but this lattice effect should combat that somewhat. I think I prefer it as an accent, like in this dress. However, you can’t deny that the full dress effect is bold and would definitely stand out on stage. I particularly like the yellow accent on Shannon’s dress – a nice compliment.

2. Big, bold belts. I mentioned yesterday that belts were on many new dresses this AIs. What stood out today was how bold and ornate they are. This dress is literally a combination of all the main trends right now: collar, geometrics, knotwork and a belt. Interestingly, it does have a surprising lack of rhinestones – not finished or on purpose? Not sure. Regardless, the belt is amazing. Invokes the belts of NAFC competitions and boys’ prizes. This dress is another take on a bold belt, but a more ornate style. Gavin had released dresses like this at the Oireachtas and Doire had done similar styles before that, but this takes it to another level. Love it. Check that skirt out as well!

3. Reds. I did say that a variety of colors were en vogue and I stand by that. But, if I had to point to one predominant color, it would be red. A real true firetruck red. Typically, the red is paired with a black base and white accents. Its a bold, tried and true combination and really looks sharp. This is a new example that Gavin posted today.

4. Side ponytail. I so wish I had a picture of this! I posted earlier about alternative hair styles and how the side ponytail wig had been seen on a few dancers. A dancer today really nailed the look with a looser wig and matching curls of her own. This look is much cleaner and softer – I really like it! There were several softer style long and bun wigs today as well.

5. Smokey Eyes and a Dark lip. It looks like the style of matching your eyeshadow to your dress is fading somewhat in favor of smokey eyes with a flattering darker (reds and pinks) lip shade. I love the shift – its universally flattering and actually looks good outside of the Irish dance world. I think we may be slowly learning what stage make up really is! IMAGEination did a great job on these two dancers with this look!

6. One color dresses. There aren’t an overwhelming number of these and it’s not a particularly new trend, but it looks like this style is sticking around. There were about 20 or so in each competition in this style in varying colors. Typically embellished with rhinestones or one colored embroidery.

For the Boys!

1. Jackets. I love that this trend is going strong. I think it looks so masculine while remaining stylish. My personal favorite incorporate a strong collar. One dance had the collar in white so it looked like a white button down underneath and absolutely nailed the look.

2. Military. It started strong last year and it’s not going anywhere. Military-type bars cascaded down the front of vests and jackets alike!

3. Loose geometric design. Just like the girls, the boys are taking over their vest fabric with flowing geometric designs. The major contrast to the girls is that they’re mostly doing this in silvers and golds to keep it a little less over the top.This has been paired a bit with the military look for a pretty cool effect!

4. Asymmetric closing. This has been popular for a while, but it’s just been emphasized in this week’s fashion. I would say about half of the vests are in this style. This vest is a nice example from Gavin.

5. Sharp lines accenting middle. By the other token, this look has popped up a few times. Sharp, straight lines outline the middle closing of the vest for a sharp look. This vest has this feel, but the ones I’ve seen are a little more vertical down the middle.

6. Minimal knotwork. While the girls have returned to knotwork, it looks like the boys are steering away from it in favor of sharp lines. We’ll have to see if the big knotwork makes an appearance on the vests at worlds! The sharp lines do look sharp (of course!) on the boys though!

That’s all I saw for today! Did you see anything else? What looks are you loving this AIs?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


2 thoughts on “CLRG All-Irelands 2012 Day 5 Recap

  1. Love it! Some of the links just sent me to Gavin’s FB page though, not the specific dresses/vests you were writing about. I love the new makeup look. I personally think the whole matching eye-shadow to dress color can get a bit distracting. Thanks for keeping us updated!!!

    Posted by Moira | February 17, 2012, 1:02 am
    • Ah, thanks. I’ll have to go through and check all of them. Facebook links can be finicky sometimes! Totally agreed on the make up. Plus, it’s a look that’s popular in the mainstream too so our pictures don’t like quite as crazy on Facebook!

      Posted by feisonista | February 17, 2012, 4:56 am

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