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Iconic White and Iconic Black by John Carey Hardshoes


Over the last two weeks, news has come out about a new brand of hard shoes that John Carey is launching called “Iconic White” and “Iconic Black”.

All the information so far has been vague, but check out the website (www.iconicdancer.com) for the information! Apparently they’ll be officially launched at the Worlds. I’m so excited about these – I can’t wait to see what the shoes will look like and features they’ll have.

Luckily for me (and you!), through some major industry contacts I have, I’ve heard some more information about the shoes! The official prices will go live tomorrow at 3 PM GMT on www.iconicdancer.com but from conversations, I think that sizes UK 5. (EU39 US8) and below will be £90.00GBP and sizes UK6 (EU39.5 US8.5)and above will be £108.00GBP

In case you’re not familiar, John Carey is the TCRG from Jig who taught John Whitehurst and Joe Bitter. In his competitive years with the Doherty Academy, he casually won 8 World Championships and 8 All Ireland Championships. John was a dancer in the premier London showing of Riverdance and then went on to understudy Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance before assuming the lead role himself. After retiring from the show life, he opened up the Carey Academy in 2007. Not a bad resume…

As Jig says, he really was a phenomenal dancer! Check out this spot on performance in the show Realta.

Enjoy! That’s all the news I have right now! Be sure to check out the website tomorrow for more details and I’ll let you know if I hear anything more!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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