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All-Irelands 2012

CLRG All-Irelands 2012: Dress Highlights from FeisPix

Sadly, the All-Irelands are over for this year. Luckily, the pictures are on a delay so we have lots to look forward to! Today brought the Innovation in Irish Dance Choreography competition through the Marie Duffy Foundation. Truly, truly incredible dancing – I was blown away. The top 5 in the U19 plus age groups proved just why they’re there. This is what dancing is about – just phenomenal talent. They wore simple black costumes (though I did appreciate the details every dancer did – you can put a dancer in a black dress, but can’t take away their pop!) and let their talent shine. Obviously, I love the art and trends of Irish dance fashion, but the dancing is really what it’s all about.

That said, FeisPix has put up pictures from the first part of the week! Here are some looks I loved but couldn’t point out earlier. Enjoy!

1. This picture from the awards showcases several of the trends from this year’s All-Irelands! Competitior 145’s dress showcases the neckline-bodice line connection I mentioned. Competitor 159 shows off the repeating belt motif and 221 shows off the looser bodice look! You can also really see the emphasis on bun wigs in the younger age groups in this picture.

2. Competitor 101 combines the rhinestone effect with a belted look and a mandarin collar in this picture! Several key looks rolled into one. You can see one popular use of sequins in competitor 192’s dress as well.

3. In this picture, you can see the halter/strap effect on competitor 105, the copper/silver combination on competitor 149, a further use of sequins on competitor 175, and another stellar rhinestone look on competitor 121. The pink dress shows off a trend I hadn’t mentioned yet, but the split skirt and bodice is almost a new take on the curtain dresses of 2007. Love the updated take.

4. This picture shows off the natural hair look that was everywhere this AIs! I’m guessing it’s a wig because they were all the same style, but it could be natural. Definitely an interesting twist for this year. Here are several natural hair looks in one picture!

5. A fun all-pink dress!

6. Another lovely Celtic knot look and natural hair on the dancer in the middle of this picture. Another dress with an emphasis on red, as well.

7. Really like competitor 145’s dress in this picture! How cool is that gold fabric on her sleeves? 221’s dress also shows off the more geometric look in this round of dresses. There are options for everyone right now!

8. Competitor 154’s dress here is a perfect celtic knot dress for a young dancer – traditional, but playful.

9. The military look has been used more with the boys, but competitor 193 shows that girls can rock it too with this sequin dress!

10. Two adorable dancers rocking colored soft shoes on the podium! I think this is such a cute awards look!

11. While I do love the knotwork that’s coming up, this yellow lattice dress is so eye-catching, I love it too! Competitor 200 also has a great geometric look in this picture.

12. Stripes were another trend this AI! This 3rd place dancer has a great take on it.

13. Competitor 252 here shows off another take on the new skirt and another use of sequins. Lovely!

14. Love this whole look! Celtic knotwork, high-waisted skirt, a rich red and a more natural hair look.

15. Competitor 257 here shows off a very fashion forward skirt and the halter neckline. More gold metallics and stripes!

16. Not a brand new dress, but I still love this one! A modern, but classy look.

That’s it for now! What other looks did you love? Stay tuned for a overall recap tomorrow!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


One thought on “CLRG All-Irelands 2012: Dress Highlights from FeisPix

  1. Awesome! Is there any video of the new choreography category? Did anyone perform it for the parade of champs?

    Posted by Maeve | February 19, 2012, 6:57 pm

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