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All-Irelands 2012

CLRG All-Irelands 2012 – The Fashionable Senior Ladies

The pictures continue to get posted on FeisPix! For the next edition of my posts on the All-Irelands, I’m going into my favorite looks in my personal favorite age category – the senior ladies. Of course, I’m somewhat biased because this is my age category, but I’ve always loved seeing the senior ladies dance. A lifetime of dancing culminating in truly amazing dancing. They always inspired me when I was little and continue to blow me away. True talent and classy, fashionable ladies to boot!

Dress by Eire Designs

So, without further ado, my favorite looks.

1. Competitor 130 rocks the new halter effect and black tights for a very regal and elegant look. The loose bun wig finishes off the look for a perfect senior lady look.

2. One of my favorite looks of the whole week, competitor 133 nails the celtic knot look. Combining it with stripes and a bold gold makes the look strong, but classy. Very powerful overall look!

3. A perennial fashionable feiser, competitor 135 rocks an amazing new Gavin that shows off the new looser corset look and the new skirt style. Gorgeous.

4. Another example of a girl proving that the military look isn’t just for the guys! Love competitor 150’s fierce look.

5. Competitor 154’s dress is too cool – a lot going on but it all works cohesively. Definitely wearable art which I always appreciate dancers going for!

6. Another one of my favorites for the week. Competitor 155 rocks a bold new Gavin. The blue is an amazing bright blue and I really love it. Bold but has hints of tradition.

7. Fierce red dresses! Competitors 164, 165 and 166 all rock awesome powerful but elegant red dresses. In case you haven’t noticed the trend yet, power and grace is the key in senior lady looks!

8. What girl doesn’t love a little black dress? Competitor 176’s LBD is intricate and lovely with an updo to match!

9. As always, Simona knocks it out of the park with her new dress. A blue ombre effect in the applique is the perfect fashion forward detail.

10. Senior ladies can be trendy too! Competitor 102 is awesome in a really great belted effect dress and competitor 107 shows off another fabulous belted dress – love the skirt as well.

11. Suzanne does a 180 with her new dress and rocks a bold halter effect dress. Love the new skirt and the updo perfectly compliments the dress design! Fun and fierce.

12. Competitor 124 shows off an overall look perfect for a senior lady. A fashion forward but elegant dress with black tights and a soft skirt. Very classy.


Those were my favorites of the new looks, but all the senior ladies looked spectacular. Congrats to all that competed – you’re truly inspirations. Keep killing it!

What were your favorites? An overall wrap up to come this week with the newest trends and trend-setting outfits – Stay tuned! Remember, as always – keep it positive.

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!




One thought on “CLRG All-Irelands 2012 – The Fashionable Senior Ladies

  1. #5- Competitor #154’s dress is actually for sale on DDN- gorgeous dress!

    Posted by Julia | February 21, 2012, 9:52 pm

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