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High Clicks – February 25th, 2012

Another major over! Feis Pix has put all their pictures online so I’m going to do my overall update on AI trends this weekend! Stay tuned! Thanks for everyone who has been reading this past week – amazing response. You guys are awesome!

1. Congrats to all the dancers who participated at the All-Irelands, but special congrats to the Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s Irish dance team who won the 8 hand Ceili club competition. I love that they do this and would love to see more college teams go for it. It would help promote the teams and the amazing stuff they’re doing in the Irish dance world! You go, girls – Congrats.

2. Speaking of the All-Irelands, Feis Pix was the official photographer so check out their website to obsess over dresses and great action shots. Irish Dance Magazine also has great pictures of off-duty dancers and spectators on their facebook account – check out Part 1 and Part 2. Make sure to take a look at Gavin’s new dresses as well!

3. Take the Floor has debuted in the past few weeks! It’s a summer dance workshop with all-star teachers and a professional-type show at the end of the week. So far, Ciara Sexton has been announced as a choreographer and Beoga as the week’s musicians. Sounds awesome!

4. If you didn’t catch it earlier, Iconic by John Carey hardshoes were released this week for pre-order! Make sure you check out my post on them from earlier this week.

5. One of the best parts about Irish dance is the community – support dancers who need help like this former Irish dancer who needs a lung transplant or this dancer who needs help to get to Worlds due to mom’s costly cancer treatments.

6. Coco Rocha, super model and former Irish dancer, danced her way into homes this week with this White House Black Market ad! It might technically be tap but you can see her Irish roots!

7. Speaking of Irish dancing models, here’s another model that was discovered Irish dancing. We do have some amazing girls with true talent!

8. It’s not March yet but St. Patrick’s day season is coming up! What are your plans for the best season of all? Best news yet? Shamrock shakes are back at McDonalds. You’re welcome.

9. SJ from Rince Pop had some amazing versions of the Ryan Gosling meme but in Irish dance form. Check more out here!

10. Speaking of SJ, she posted this week about being contacted by casting agencies looking for people going to Worlds. The TLC mystery continues…

11. It’s almost time for March Madness. Though Villanova’s basketball team is looking particularly unfortunate this year, the Irish dance team is looking awesome! Check out their latest half time performance.

12. Loving this fashionable dancing outfits at UCC! Very fun, elegant and showy!

13. A great news piece on the Lenihan and the legendary Patty Lenihan! Great dancing and interview with some familiar faces! Love Patty – a true role model.

14. A fun video with pictures of some of the newest dance trends at the 2012 AIs. They got some of the highlights, but much more to come in my overall update!

15. Want to spruce up your crown? This video shows you how to add some bling to your look!

16. Feistastic is a new debut Irish dance CD from Tina Jordan Rees – check out a preview! Sounds great.

17. Another great interview with Riverdance principal dancers James Greenan and Chloey Turner.

18. Want to do the Vanishing Lake after June 1st, 2012? Download it here to get practicing!

Those are the main bits from this week! Did you find anything else? Let me know! Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for the conclusion of the All-Irelands updates.

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



2 thoughts on “High Clicks – February 25th, 2012

  1. Always love your links! So great to see the CT pride; I remember always competing against those Lenihan girls and their pink dresses!

    Posted by Kate Sullivan | March 1, 2012, 5:52 am

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