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2012 CLRG Irish Dancing World Championship – Day 1 Trend Updates

It’s that time of year again! The CLRG Irish Dance World Championships. It’s hard to believe that this is the second World Championship that Feisonista is covering and marks our 1 year anniversary. Thanks to everyone for the support this year and best of luck to everyone dancing at Worlds. Can’t wait to cover all the fashion and events! So, onto day 1!

Day 1 Trends

1. Color Rhinestone Tiara backings. Last year’s Worlds marked the beginning of the rhinestone tiara trend and it continues to go strong. This year’s Worlds marked a new twist on the look – colored backing and accents. The adorable dancer on the right of this picture shows off this trend with her hairband. Here’s another one in pink, a rainbow one, and another in red! I love the thin rhinestone headband in the middle of that last picture as well. And one more with red rhinestone accents!

2. All-yellow dresses. This is probably the biggest trend that came out of the first day at Worlds. Like last year, Gavin debuted his new style with Niamh Neale and put her in a bright yellow dress with a feather fringe skirt. This is a trend that people are bound to love or hate, but it definitely stands out! Here’s a picture of the new dress that has everyone talking.

3. Black and rhinestones. These dresses aren’t new in the Irish dance fashion world, but they were very popular with the younger crowds. I particularly love this Gavin dress with a bit of a Celtic influence.

4. Sequins. They were strong at the All-Irelands and they’re not going anywhere soon! Check out this bodice for proof! Love the skirt on that dress too – very loose and fun. It also shows off the accent collar trend that’s very popular right now.

5. Halter effect top. I commented at the All-Irelands that the neckline was becoming the newest place to accent dresses. The halter look seems to be the most popular way to do this right now! This cute pink dress shows off the halter type effect on the neckline. It also shows off the 3D trend that’s growing! More on the 3D below.

6. Loose skirts – petals, layered, etc. Gavin’s display shows off the popular skirts right now – in the younger groups, the softer skirts were the most popular with a few paneled. A lot of different fabric choices are being used for these light skirts from lace to plaid cotton and everything in between. Even a few metallic fabrics are being used!

7. Bold stripes and swatches. This is a hard one to describe, so I’ll just do it with pictures! There are many takes on this trend from parallel lines to more abstract. This Gavin dress gives the feel for the more abstract take on this look. This dress is a good example of the more parallel look but imagine that the stripes are more parallel. Many of these have been celtic knotwork stripes.

8. Belted middle. This was big at the All-Irelands and continues to be popular! This dress shows off the trend very well. I love this take on the trend – it’s subtle but still definitely a belted look. Also, the dress is one of my favorites of the week so far. Amazing. Here’s another great belted look from Celtic Star. That dress also shows off the color accent trend on the skirt that I describe more below.

9. Popular Color schemes. These include black/gold/white, orange/white, pink/black. This is a great orange and white Gavin dress that also incorporates Celtic knotwork and sequins! Very on trend. Celtic Star have really been leading the way on the black/gold/white look. Love this dress!

10. Hair. There are so many options right now! On the first day alone I spotted the natural flipped out look, the loose curl side ponytail, the loose bun wig and of course, the full wig. It was mostly split between full wigs and bun wigs on day 1. I would say that the rhinestone tiara is the most popular with many (but certainly not all) dancers adding a flower or bow as an accent. It looks like your hair options are really opening up!

11. 3D Accents – This is a blast from the past! Most of these accents are bows and flowers and usually at the end of the bodice at the side of the skirt. I like the applique accent look that adds a flair without being over the top. As long as we don’t go back to 2007, I love it. This Gavin dress shows off the trend well, with a butterfly. It also shows off a cool lace skirt.

12. Not a huge Celtic influence, but growing. There wasn’t a huge Celtic contingency on the first day, but it’s certainly growing! The ones that did have big Celtic knots were beautiful like this gorgeous copper Gavin.

13. Accent collars. This trend continues to be popular and I continue to love it. Some have sparkle accents and some and just the collar itself. Doire has some over the top collars that I love as well! This is a fun one from Gavin!

14. Lattice. I can’t find a picture of this one, but the lattice on the bodice design looks like it’s coming back! I’ll post a picture when I find one!

15. Color at bottom of skirt. This trend came out on a few dresses on the first day, led by Celtic Star. Here’s 2nd time World Champion Keeva’s dress as an example. It’s an Irish dance take on color block and I love it!

We all know that half of the fun at Worlds is looking at new dresses. The other half is looking at everyone’s outfits! So, this year, I’m posting some outfits inspired by my favorite looks from the day at Worlds!

1. First, inspired by Prodijig member Christina. Looking on trend but elegant and pulled together in a bright pink blazer. A perfect look for an older dancer/mom/TCRG when watching the dancing! Pair it with a sleek bun and a fun pink lip like Christina did here! Want to dress it down a little? Just swap out the heels for some flats.

Worlds Day 1 -1
Worlds Day 1 -1 by feisonista featuring platform pumps

2. Another fabulous look that I spotted today was a great box pleat dress. With Easter right around the corner, this outfit is great and definitely on trend for Spring. Some bangles and strappy sandals complete the look!

Worlds Day 1 -2

Worlds Day 1 -2 by feisonista featuring strappy heels

3. Next, a look for the dancers inspired by a dancer I saw! I didn’t put an outfit together for this because it really is just one item! A loose romper is a great option to be fashion forward and comfortable enough to dance in. A solid color one, like this one from Forever 21, will pair nicely with your dance track jacket. And, it’s easy enough to slide off when you need to get into your dress! Love it.

4. Finally, some of my favorite off-duty dancer looks so far. I love the McConomy jackets, these adorable Worlds sweatshirts, and this sporty look paired with ghillie-type sneakers! Check out all the pictures in that album from IDM – some really cute shots.

That’s my update for day 1! More coming on day 2. Good luck for everyone this week!

What’s your favorite look so far? Anything you can’t wait to rock at Nationals or the spring Feis season? Any favorite outfits?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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