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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

2012 CLRG World Irish Dancing Championship – Day 2 Updates

Another exciting day at Worlds done! I can’t believe how fast this week is flying by already. A lot of excitement and a lot of great outfits. Check out my overview for Day 2. More to come! Trying to stay on top as much as possible, but real life is making it difficult! Updates will come though, promise!


1. Over the top collars – I mentioned yesterday that accent collars were popular but the over-the-top collar has made a strong showing today. I can’t find any pictures of the dresses from today, but this dress from Doire is a good example. I’d be willing to bet that the other ones I saw today were Doire creations! A very cool look, especially with a bun wig. This New England girl just can’t say no to a popped collar… Ralph Lauren for Doire, anyone?

2. Ballet Shrugs/Bolero – If you had any doubt about this trend being big right now, check out Doire’s stand at Worlds from Day 2. 3 of 4 dresses show off a ballet shrug look! This look was more popular today than it was yesterday. It looks like the tween age groups are big fans. Can’t wait to see if the older girls like it as well! 

3. Sequin bodice and skirt – Yesterday it was clear that sequins are here in a big way. However, today a new trend in sequin styling stood out – a sequin bodice leading into a sequin skirt. Julia O’Rourke’s new dress shows off new trend! I just wish I could find a picture that wasn’t nicked off the live com!

4. Asymmetric swatch – Yet another way to use sequins or a fun accent fabric. This take off the diagonal sash look is a bold swatch across the chest that really pops in an otherwise simple dress. This lovely blue dress is a great example.

5. Shoulder accents – Another big trend that emerged today is the off the shoulder/accented shoulder look. Roisin Naughton’s Gavin dress is a good example, but some are even more dramatic with puffed shoulders and more!

6. Swooping designs – This dress shows off the trend well. Instead of a diagonal sash, this asymmetric look cuts back across the dress at the waist. It’s a great look because it nips the dancer in at the waist and creates a very flattering cut. Love it.

7. Big curls or big loose bun wig – I didn’t spot too many natural looks or side ponytail wigs today! Rather, most girls were going with big curls or big loose bun wigs. These two dancers show off some very popular wig styles.

8. Stripes – Bold stripes have been popular so far! It’s a cute look as an accent piece for a dress. Check out this great dress from Elevation as an example. It almost evokes Ashley Smith’s famous Elevation dress from a few years ago.


I’m still waiting on pictures for these, so sorry that it’s a bit sparse! I’ll update at the end of the week when I have picture links from feispix.

1. Bold geometrics – The boys are going for a lot of bold geometrics these days! Check out this brilliant orange Gavin vest as an example.

2. Accent pieces – The boys were all about flair so far! Several had accented collars, pieces underneath that stood out and little bits and parts that made their vest a little more than just a vest. I’ll post a picture as an example when I find one!

3. Down the center – A trusty standby, this design was very popular on Day 2 with the lads. I think it’s a great, classy but bold look!

4. Horizontal stripes – The military look popped up a good few times, but so did horizontal stripes going across the whole vest. This trend is very similar to the horizontal motif design that’s popular on girls’ dresses right now.

5. Cross over vests – Cross over vests have been popular for a few seasons now, but they were everywhere today. Check out the picture of the orange vest above for a good example.

5. Belted vests – Another cross over trend from the girls! There were many, many belted vests on the younger boys. Many of these also incorporated Celtic knotwork. This Gavin one is pretty cool.

That’s a brief overview for Day 2! More on Days 3-5 coming up! Which looks do you love? Anything you’re looking to try out?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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