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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U12 Girls Looks

Happy Easter everyone! Today wraps up all the competitions at the CLRG World Championships. Congrats to everyone involved – it’s such an honor just to dance on that stage. As my Easter present to you, I have more fashion updates! Moving on now to the girls U12! Check out my previous update on the U11 girls age group!

Gavin matching his U12 dancer, Niamh Neale.

1. This dress has a few trends going on! Coral, halter effect and a corset!

2. Swoop designs have been popular as I’ve pointed out before. This white dress features a cool version with a fun bodice bottom accent.

3. The cupcake skirts of the past two years are gone, but this fluffy skirt is a nice alternative if you still love the puffed out look.

4. Geometrics are popular right now if you don’t like the celtic look. Check out this dress that features a variety of geometric designs, a patterned skirt and peter pan collar.

5. Or, you could combine celtic and geometrics! Love the knotwork accents in this cute pink dress.

6. For another take on geometrics, you can cover them in sequins! Love the contrast in this look between the fierce bodice and the cute bow.

7. Orange is a popular color right now in real world fashion! This dress features a dainty swoop design and an orange skirt.

8. Another great side wig with a unique layered skirt. This is another great example for rocking the side wig to perfection.

9. I love this pink belted look. The black outline makes it really pop.

10. Instead of a solid dropped waist bodice, this dress features gold layers at the edge of the skirt. Makes for a unique effect!

11. If you love bows and a more daring look, try this style! The jacket is a cool take on the corset and ballet shrug trend.

12. Corals once again! Horizontal stripes swap with red stripes in this dress. The black background provides enough contrast to keep the colors from clashing.

13. I love the detail in this dress. Delicate flowers make a big statement when put all together.

14. This dress takes the petal skirt up a notch with a ton of feathers! A mix between the feather skirts Gavin debuted this week and the petal skirts of last year. Celtic Star did a similar skirt during the Oireachtas season.

15. Flower power in a big way! This trend of placing a big star or flower design in the corner is growing.

16. Can’t decide where to put your sequins? Take a lead from this dress and use them all over!

17. Color blocking in skirts continue to be popular. This dress amps it up with a mandarin collar as well.

18. Stripes, belts, collars and a cool skirt – this dress is definitely on trend!

19. Celtic Star debuted this dress earlier this year, but I still love it. Great use of celtic knotwork on the bodice.

20. This time last year, the starburst trend was very popular. This dress updates the starburst design for 2012!

21. Such a cute dress for a little girl – age appropriate with light pink and yet so pulled together. Love it.

22. I spotted this skirt style a few times this week – a combination of pleated fronts and a loose skirt. I’m thinking Siopa? I can see it being popular going forward.

23. Another fabulous sequin dress! This wouldn’t look out of place on New Year’s Eve!

24. Celtic Star continues to shine with another way to rock sequins – on your arms.

25. Another pink lattice bodice dress with thicker stripes.

26. This dress looks familiar! A mini-Gavin dress with a 3D accent. Very cute.

27. Celtic knotwork, assymetrical skirt and design, a color block accent on the skirt and 3D accents! Another multi-trend dress!

28. Mandarin collars are popular right now, but here’s another unique collar! Another all-yellow dress. Love the casual feel on the knotwork.

29. This dress features more stripes on the bodice and arms and matching buckles!

30. This dress will have everyone talking for a while! Niamh Neale’s new all-yellow dress and feathered skirt from Gavin (check out his matching look above).

31. Dancers are playing with the bodice bottom this Worlds. This dress features a scalloped bodice bottom and a great royal blue shade.

32. Most dresses have shoulder embroidery if there is a shoulder accent. This dress reverses it with bright yellow celtic knotwork.

33. Perfect for Easter, this dainty green dress features knotwork and a patterned skirt.

34. Another modern take on celtic knotwork – an asymmetrical design with a color accented skirt.

35. I do love the swoops design, many are very sharp and flattering – like this dress!

36. I love the color of this teal ballet shrug dress. Very fresh!

37. Girls can rock the military style too! Love this dress – a great feminine version.

38. Yet another all-yellow dress! This one embellishes with big stars.

39. I can’t get enough of Celtic Star right now. This maroon dress is perfection.

40. One more yellow dress with an almost prom style skirt. Another good option for the cupcake skirt lovers.

41. Seeing stars for this dress! I love the placement of this star and how the design bursts from it.

42. Another dress in the U12 with two-toned pastels! This version is in light pink.

43. Loving this artsy bodice featuring pink swirls. Reminds me a bit of the yellow brick road!

44. Another dress with green celtic knotwork! This one features a celtic belt as well.

45. A great combination of celtic and modern, again. The ropes here with the skirt. almost give it a Grecian feel.

46. Sick of teardrop rhinestones? Try square diamonds instead and a patterned skirt!

47. This dress features a unique design with a deep V front. I almost hope that the sleeves can come off for summertime performances – how cute would that be?

48. I really like this dress with a classy halter design. The lime green really pops against the black and stands out in a sea of pinks and yellows.

49. The winner, Keeva! I still love her dress – a really cool way to incorporate the Worlds medals.

50. Another way to rock ballet shrugs! With sequins and celtic accents.

51. And an even further way to rock shrugs – going all the way across the top.

And last but not least, your U12 top five!

What are your favorite looks so far? Anything you’re dying to try out on your next dress? Stay tuned for the U13 girls!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


7 thoughts on “CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U12 Girls Looks

  1. #31 is made by Jean Olsson !

    Posted by Penny Connolly | April 10, 2012, 5:37 pm
  2. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone has triied to applicque on top of sequin maerial and also if you have done it do you steam a seam the top fabric to the sequin material first. How about sewing a satin stitch aroun the outside edge of sequin material as if you were using it as an applicque. Do the sequins keep splitting? Help?

    Posted by Angela Devlin | April 10, 2012, 5:46 pm
  3. Can someone tell me who designed this yellow dress?

    Posted by Sheila R | August 17, 2012, 7:53 pm


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