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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

CLRG 2012 Irish Dancing World Championship – U11 Looks

Sadly, all the solo competitions for the 2012 CLRG Worlds are now complete. However, while the dancing may be over, the pictures are still rolling in so we’ll have more than enough to keep us occupied for a while! A general update on trends is coming tomorrow, but here are the stand out looks that I saw throughout the week. Top dancers, new dancers and everyone in between – check out these Worlds feisonistas!

To start, the U11 rookies strut their stuff:

1. An adorable and age appropriate bright pink dress with a halter design and a skirt bottom accent.

2. An artistic yellow bodice tops this Gavin dress.

3. I love this cute and classy red dress with a cool layering effect.

4. Another classy red look with a 3D effect and an on-trend loose, accented skirt.

5. I love a coral for the spring. Two toned coral is very in vogue right now in the real world as well! I love the pointy tiara too.

6. These horizontal stripes with rainbow accents make a fun, but pulled together look.

7. 4th place winner Farran shows off the rhinestone neckline design with class!

8. This cute royal blue number shows off the reaching sunburst stripes look that’s becoming popular. It’s also a great use of sequins!

9. Another look of stripes that’s becoming popular – this dress shows off a tie look across the bodice and skirt.

10. A young and fresh look with a color blocked skirt!

11.I love the copper detail on this dress – the contrast between the feminine bows and intense metallic colors is perfection.

12. Flower power and layers of color on the skirt are perfect for a little girl’s dress!

13. For those wanting to do the side wig look, use this as your inspiration. This is the side wig done to a T!

14. Shoulder accents are big this year. This dress showcases that trend and has great detail in the bodice design.

15. Another copper toned dress done perfectly. I love the celtic knotwork in this one.

16. This is a great dress of contrasts – Bows and knife pleats!

17. Stars and stripes make great accents in this yellow dress. I love the tiara as well – it almost invokes the champion’s tiara.

18. A very cute silver white dress with swooping designs and a loose skirt.

19. This dress features a big bow and a unique bodice bottom.

20. In a return to 2008 looks, lattice makes a comeback on bodices. This dress features a cute version.

21. Black dresses with rhinestone designs are very popular, but I love the pop of color on the back of this dress!

22. This Gavin dress features a gamma type design that popped up several times recently.

23. Swoops are a popular design right now – I love this bright version.

24. A soft and sweet dress paired with natural hair makes this look too cute.

25. Another sunburst dress with sequin accents. The loose white skirt with copper detailing is a very pretty look.

26. Patterned skirts popped up several times this week! This gingham skirt is a great take on it.

27. If coral isn’t your thing but you like pastels, try this lilac version.

28. Celtic knotwork wasn’t dominant in the younger groups, but it’s becoming more so. I like this version that has a modern combination.

29. I like the loose sleeves on this dress – I think it would make summer performances a little easier!

30. The 3D trend is coming back! How cute is this one with pink bows?

31. I love this take on the ballet shrug look with celtic design accents.

32. If something bolder is your style, check out this bold pink dress with geometric sequins.

33. The definition of modern and traditional mixture – sequin celtic knots and arms!

34. Peacocks are all over the Irish dance world right now! This is a fun rainbow version.

And of course, the top 5 in U11!

Those were my favorite looks, but everyone looked fabulous – it was hard to chose! Stay tuned for U12!

What were your favorite looks? Any trends you’re dying to try out?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!

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