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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U13 Girls Looks

Keeping the updates from the CLRG 2012 Worlds coming! Here are your trendsetting looks from the U13 girls – always a crowd favorite age! On a side note, I fixed the links so that they’ll now open in a new window when you click on them – even easier to check out the dresses now!

Check out previous posts on U11 and U12! Stay tuned for the rest of your favorite age groups.

1. Gavin launched this dress at the All-Irelands featuring a sequin bodice and sequin accent patterned arms.

2. This dress features a creative way to wear rhinestones – as a collar! It also features celtic knotwork accents, lattice bodice and emphasized shoulders. Very cool.

3. This dress takes an updated look on the original asymmetric look from a few years ago. The deep cross over, bright colors and horizontal accents make it fresh for 2012.

4. This dress shows off a trend I see growing more and more as I look at all the action shots – the detailed applique look that comes together from a distance. Very feminine. This is another great version!

5. A dress within a dress! This rhinestone studded dress has a unique skirt that looks almost like an updated swoop skirt.

6. I can’t tell if this is new or not, but this dress takes the pleated skirt of last year and makes it fresh for 2012 with the collar design.

7. Love tradition and fun modern designs? Check out this dress for your inspiration – I absolutely love it. A bright pink dress with Celtic knot appliques and a modernized three panel. Plus, how great is this picture?

8. Another way to wear sequins! Sparkled arms and a metallic bodice to compliment the arms. The pastel accents are a cool unexpected touch.

9. I love this dynamic red and black dress! The black rhinestone dress design gets an update in a bold way. The whole look is great. The skirt almost looks like a three panel as well from the way the design is done.

10. A lot of the sequin bodice/skirt combos have been silver, but this dress shows off a great gold version!

11. I like the belted dress, but I love the hair! For those that complain about wigs – take this as an alternative.

12. Another cool dress but cooler hair – tiaras are getting bigger! Very regal look.

13. Rainbow returns in 2012 but in a much brighter way – this dress uses magenta as a background to keep the design looking fresh. I love the rhinestone accents. The skirt looks a bit more puffed out as well – more tu-tu-esque or prom style.

14. Dressmakers’ creativity has no end! Another way to rock sequins – asymmetrically with some celtic knotwork.

15. A very frilly white dress with an updated layering effect. Another very regal look.

16. What a cool way to rock celtic knotwork – pull it into an all over dress asymmetric design. Another great modern/traditional mix.

17. This dress has an almost Egyptian feel! The sharpness of the petal skirt and bold gold knotwork applique give it a very powerful feel.

18. This red dress is similar to dress 9 but has a softer feel. A girly alternative!

19. Swooping designs made an appearance in U13 too! Loving this crossing swooping design in this dress.

20. Lattice designs are popular, but this dress showcases a unique way to wear it. A natural hair look to boot for all of you anti-wig feisonistas!

21. Bold horizontal stripes also made an appearance in U13. This dress shows how to do it in a classy way for a teen dancer.

22. Not quite Celtic knotwork, but Celtic-esque! This dress is truly a living design.

23. Accented shoulder have been popular, but this one-sided shoulder accent dress is too cool. Love it.

24. Even dancers love a little black dress. This one comes complete with a lattice design, sequins and a curtain style skirt.

25. Like I pointed out earlier last week, collars are getting bigger! Check out this white dress with copper swooping designs and 3D accents to boot.

26. Jig star Julia O’Rourke rocked a new dress this Worlds! She’s going with the sequin bodice and skirt look and sticking with flower accents.

27. Sequins and shoulder accents! A very bold but fun look in bright pink.

28. The halter design has been popular, but this dress takes a unique take on it and makes the top of the bodice slightly off center. And of course, there are sequins involved.

29. Sometimes, less is more. This simple and elegant dress is a perfect example. Perfectly on trend, but very classy and timeless.

30. The other Jig star in this age group, Brogan rocked her own new dress! I love the fleur de lis accents!

31. This purple dress features zoomed in Celtic knots that have a lattice effect. Very cute.

32. There have been several dresses already with scalloped bottoms – this dress doesn’t quite have a scalloped edge, but it’s a similar feel.

33. Gold is all the rage these days! This dress features bold gold stripes and diamonds. Classy but modern.

34. A side ponytail with a dramatic flower accent and dress!

35. I’ve mentioned the sunburst effect in the younger age groups – here’s a U13 version. A great copper look!

36. A U13 ballet shrug dress with frilly accents on the edge. The fall colors make it a bit more mature.

37. I like the unique aspect of this belted dress. The contrast between the sharp angles and the belt makes for a very cool effect.

38. Did you ask for more sequins? I have more!

39. I can’t resist a royal blue dress! This one features a swoop cross over design.

Aaaand the U13 Top 5!

Those are my favorite looks so far from U13! What do you think? Any favorites? Stay tuned for U14 girls!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


4 thoughts on “CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U13 Girls Looks

  1. I love these so much! I just want to comment that there were a few dancers in there that I recognized who were from other age groups… I’m sure it’s difficult to cull through all the feispix, I just want to help you stay accurate!

    Posted by Tarah | April 11, 2012, 4:16 am
    • Thanks for pointing that out! I did think that some dancers looked a little older – Feispix must have them in the wrong ages. Do you know which ones are off?

      Posted by feisonista | April 11, 2012, 11:26 pm
      • Hi, I know sentence 8. about the sparkly arms is Sarah Oldam, she’s in 16-17 girls.

        Posted by Sylvia | April 13, 2012, 2:01 pm


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