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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U14 Girls Looks

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back with the U14 looks from the Worlds! My goal is to have all the age groups done by this weekend so I can get back to the usual Feisonista posts! On with the trends…

1. I love the deep red background with the gold and silver applique on this dress. Very old Celtic – nailing it.

2. How fun is this all-red dress? With the scalloped edge and red flower in her hair, the look has a very Spanish feel. Flamenco and Irish have similar Gaelic roots, so I think it’s totally appropriate and “authenticly Gaelic”.

3. I love a good yellow dress. This one is a mustard yellow with a sequin bodice and ballet shrug design.

4. I love the cool pattern on this skirt. The patterned skirt look is one I can’t tell if it’s popular or fading. Regardless, I like it. It makes the rest of the design look more modern.

5. A very cool mix of Celtic knotwork with modern Irish dance trends on this dress – a ballet shrug! The gold perfectly complements the rest of the dress and the bottom detail adds a nice extra bit of interest.

6. Loving this look – so simple but bold and still has a bit of a Celtic feel. It features a red sequin bodice, patterned arms and a halter design.

7. Another lovely simple and chic dress with a slight Celtic feel. Pairing it with a bun wig just tops the look off perfectly.

8. Loving the sequin trend? Check out this dress which features a bodice effect with sequin applique. Very fun.

9. Wow, I can’t get enough of this dress. The embroidery reminds me of my old school dresses’ knotwork but the design is so modern and clean. Absolutely genius incorporation of the belt as well!

10. Love Celtic knotwork? Here’s another way to rock the trend – on the skirt pleats like on this dress. Cool effect.

11. A fun, girly dress that’s made age appropriate for a U14 by the strong geometric bodice. If you love the girly look and are older than 12, the key is to balance out the pinks and bows with some edgier or more classic components. You’ll look sweet but age appropriate. On a side note, I love her face in this picture. “Got mad ups, sorry I’m not sorry.”

12. Here are two ways to rock a structured design – somewhat military and somewhat feminine. I like each in its own right – there’s something for everyone! That’s one of the great things about Irish dance dress designs these days. I do love the gold accent in the black fabric though.

13. A psuedo three panel? I think so! A very 2012 version of a three panel with a horizontal motif and bright orange color. I also adore her wig – so pretty!

14. I’m really loving the gold applique and accent trend that’s going on right now. It just adds such a feel of class to any dress. Check out this dress, for example – a gold collar that feels very Cleopatra.

15. The trend of extending the neckline design onto the arms and bodice continues in U14! This dress features a bold flower version.

16. Love, love, love everything about this look from the dress to the hair. Sequins with unique applique that are emphasized by the bun wig. Perfection.

17. Another great Celtic knot/sequin combination. Loving how designers are pulling Celtic designs into modern designs!

18. How cool is this bodice design? The gold design really adds a touch of class. It feel very Victorian!

19. I really like how the bodice motif is incorporated into the rest of this dress from the top of the skirt design to the skirt design itself. Makes for a very cohesive look.

20. Another bold red dress with a strong belt and rhinestone design. It definitely makes an impact on stage! She looks ready to destroy her first round!

21. Scalloped edges are becoming more popular. Here’s a U14 version of a scalloped skirt.

22. Gavin creates another splash with this dress for the past and current World Champion, Cyra Taylor. A sequin skirt and bodice with a prominent globe on the halter design makes for a standout look.

23. Loving this Celtic knotwork dress! You can’t get much more classic than red, white and blue – particularly on a blonde dancer. The collar is a nice touch – I can’t tell if it’s actual lace or just made to look like it, but I like it either way.

24. A dress for a berry special dancer. Bad joke, but a sweet dress. Love the way the berries are tied into this design.

25. I’ve posted before about another way to do the ballet shrug – somewhat asymmetrically. This dress takes it to the next level with sequins and a designed edge. A very cool and bold look!

26. My first school dress had a Tara brooch pinning my shawl on, so they have a soft place in my heart. So, naturally, I love this dress. It’s complemented nicely with a well done side ponytail as well!

27. This dress definitely makes an impact on stage! The bold colors in the flower and skirt stand out well against the purple. I’m not sure if the skirt look will catch on, but it definitely will stand out.

28. A 2012 take on the sash design look with a reverse take. This dress would look great with an actual sash though – the triangles pointing to it like “Yep. I won this.”

29. A slightly different take on the Celtic knotwork trend – a bigger, more appliqued look. This would probably create more of an impact from stage than the smaller knotworks.

30. Not quite sequins, but definitely bright! I like this dress‘ take on the open corset/patterned arms trend. It almost looks like she’s wearing an awesome coat over an awesome dress.

31. Absolutely adore this dress. Can I have it? Black and white design over a red background gives a lithograph feel and a bold, but classy feel. So good!

32. This dancer rocked a more showy look with sheer arms and black tights. I might hold off on the black tights until the U17 age group, but I still like the look.

33. Melanie rocking a great Celtic knotwork dress! I love how the knotwork looks almost crocheted from a distance – nice throwback.

And last but not least, the top 5 including the dual winners, Cyra and Melanie.

What were your favorite looks? Stay tuned for the rest of the age groups this week!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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