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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – Girls U15 Looks

Marching on with the looks! U15 girls coming up! This was a huge age group so it’s a very long list – enjoy! On the same token, I missed a few great dresses just because there were so many notable ones. Everyone looked great.

Be sure to check out the previous editions of U14, U13, U12 and U11. The rest to come this week!

1. I love the sherbert color skirt on this dress – it’s a fun contrast to the bodice. Definitely a pop of color!

2. How cool is this geometric dress? It’s definitely a work of art and design, using the same color scheme as the previous dress. I love it, love it, love it!

3. I like the skirt on this dress – the geometric design paired with a ribbon skirt gives a cool layered effect. Love dresses that add interest like this. Definitely a design element to consider for new dresses to add some pop to ribbon skirts.

4. In contrast to dress 3, this dress is flowy and floral with a great rhinestone design. I love the added details like the rhinestone design on the shoulder and embroidery on the shaped belt.

5. A bold, 2012 update to the soft white dress look. Still the same white dress base, but with bold striping design on the bodice. The contrast between the strong geometric design and soft dress makes for a great look. I like the embroidery detail on the shoulder, tying it all together.

6. Another very cool bodice, similar to Melanie Valdez’ from last NANs. I like how it’s all in black and white which draws the design together even though there’s a lot going on.

7. More 3D bows make an appearance in U15 as well! Check out this sequin version!

8. I mentioned embroidered skirts in the U14 post and here’s a U15 version. I like how it’s replicated at the bottom of the bodice and rhinestone accents! Again stressing a key – motifs tie a dress together!

9. A very bold ballet shrug look! I like the contrast in the backing fabric – dark and light. The light backing fabric, of course, is a sequin material! Never ending ways to use sequins.

10. A U15 version of the reverse belt look in bold neons. This look is definitely one spanning age groups!

11. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love a good yellow dress. This one is so fun with the sequin and dark stripes down the bodice. It feels very J Crew in it’s simplicity but boldness. Yellow is on the rise right now, for sure!

12. Another yellow dress with a unique design. Off the shoulder designs have been popular, but this one takes it to the next level. I think it’s very pretty with the pink and yellow fabric.

13. I think I may have posted this before, but I love this dress! It’s got a cool mermaid/mosaic look going on. The crown is too cool and works perfectly with the her wig to create a very awesome Celtic warrior goddess look.

14. An off centered horizontal motif makes this dress pop. The key to keeping this design awesome was doing it in black and gold (with gold sequin accents of course) which keeps the look elegant.

15. Wow – this design is really unique from the structure to the actual design. Liking the coral color! Not sure if it will catch up, but love designers trying different things.

16. Natural hair lovers, rejoice! This dancer nails the natural hair look with enough volume to work well with her dress.

17. Another cool dress design with repeating motifs and a scalloped edge skirt. I really like the structure on this – very well executed!

18. This design isn’t particularly fresh, but the neon color makes it really pop. A lattice design bodice and petal skirt in bright pink! I like the rhinestone V on the bodice to add some extra dimension.

19. Bold tailoring and geometrics are definitely in style for the U15 crowd. I like how this dress has various layers of contrasting designs.

20. Continuing that trend, this dress features a black skirt that seems to continue up the bodice. I love the sequin arms!

21. This dress is very similar to 14 in color and design, but instead of horizontal, this dress swirls. I like how the loose skirt compliments the swirl design. I really love the black and gold color scheme. Perfectly finished with a bun wig.

22. An updated panel dress for 2012 – 5 panels this time. The smaller panels and off shoulder design make it fresh for this year.

23. Another updated panel look from Gavin. This style is more popular with the older groups. I like the thick panel in the front to add design clearly. The silver is a great accent choice as well.

24. Adore, adore this dress! A sequin, asymmetric bodice and soft embroidered skirt. So modern but so elegant. Truly gorgeous.This style is growing more and more popular.

25. Another lady in red! The key to make sure you’re not drowning in any one color is adding contrasting fabrics, like this dress did.

26. Celtic Star can do no wrong. Celtic design seamlessly woven into a bigger design. Genius.

27. Another off the shoulder dress like 12, but in red. The whole look, hair included, is very pretty.

28. Couldn’t not mention Shannon Bradley. Her new dress features Gavin’s new silver and black fabric and a gold halter to pop. Very chic, very cute. Love the 3D bow and bow on her shawl!

29. Love how this dress melds traditional with modern! The bands remind me very much of late 1990s dresses, but it’s so fresh. What’s old is new again!

30. More proof that the U15s are loving them some geometric designs – check out this bold black and white dress. Very sharp – bad joke…

31. Patterned arms are a continuing trend and I love the cool fabric on this dress. The dimension in the bodice is very cool as well.

32. 3D accents may be popular, but this dress takes it to a new level with larger than life bows and tassels! Definitely creating a statement on stage!

33. A very cool side pony tail look with a lace up sequin red bodice! There are so many elements in this design, it could have easily gone wrong but I think they nailed it and got an awesome look.

34. Another update for 2012 to the little white dress – add an elegant vest over it. Once again, black and gold make any look more elegant!

35. Another more natural hair look with a really cool, but simple dress design with sequin vertical stripes. Gavin has been favoring this style so far this year. Brogan has a similar dress right now. Loving it. The hair is so good.

36. The bodice on this dress is just so fun, I love it. Bright swirls stand out on the black backing. The fact that they’re not neon actually makes the dress look more current and trendy.

37. Another scalloped edge dress with a very bold, almost Tudor type design. Really like the color red in this dress. Unique but great.

38. It didn’t take long for designers to get creative with Celtic knotwork! I really like the asymmetrical placement of this design.

39. Another great natural (or natural wig? can’t tell) look with a very elegant dress. Wig haters – looks like you might have some options coming up…

40. I love this picture and this dress! Another color blocked skirt with almost an ombre bodice design. Very cool, all around.

And of course, your top 5 in the girls U15! Congrats to everyone!

What were your favorite looks? Inspired by anything in particular? Stay tuned for the rest to come this week!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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