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CLRG Worlds 2012 Updates

CLRG 2012 Irish Dancing World Championship – Other Notable Dresses

Alright, I’m trying to work through all of the Worlds age groups and end this once and for all. However, being realistic, I don’t think I’m going to get it done anytime soon. So, here’s a summary of some of the high profile looks from Worlds that I haven’t touched on already. I wanted to make sure I covered them before it was too late!

Your favorite JIG senior ladies all had new dresses at Worlds this year:

1. Claire Greaney rocked quite a departure from her normal looks in a black and white asymmetrical dress. Definitely a new look for her, but it looks quite striking against her red hair!

2. Suzanne Coyle also rocked a dress that’s quite different from her last dress. The halter bodice pairs perfectly with the bun wig. A very fun, but classy, look for a senior lady World Champion!

3. Simona Mauriello rocking an awesome white and black dress. It’s similar to her last dress but features a black tutu underlayer. It adds a little more drama that works really nicely with the rest of her look.

4. Bec Loughran shows off Gavin’s newest style – kind of a combination of knife pleats and older panel dresses. I would not have seen this coming back into style, but I like it!

5. Nadine Martin wore an amazing new Celtic Star dress featuring bold diamond rhinestones. Just the right combination of flash and class. Love it!

6. Lauren Early showed off a great new yellow and black dress that I showcased in the Met Ball post yesterday. Amazing. That’s all I can say.

7. Another amazing lace overlay dress. The perfect way to do lace!

8. Terese Corless rocked a similar dress as her last one, but ramped it up a little more. The last version was great, but this one really kills it. It’s the perfect combination of a bold design with intricate detail. It stands out from the stage, but there’s more to investigate when you get close. Always leave them wanting more!

9. Caroline Gray looking classy as usual in her new updo hair style and a sequin bodice dress. Love everything about it. It perfects using sequins to make a statement but not look overwhelming by keeping the rest of the design minimal.

10. Bobbie Trotter wore a dress similar to Bec’s above, but with a more striking bodice. It looks amazing with her hair!

11. The always fashionable Niamh Taylor showed off a new Gavin dress. Another example of using a bold fabric, but keeping the rest of the dress simple. Balance is key.

12. Another Doherty dancer, Shannon Bradley, wore a new Gavin that shows off the new trend of a colored lining at the end of the dress and the lattice bodice. Very pretty!

13. Absolutely love this look! Natural looking updo makes this look Irish dance chic at its best.

14. Michaela Hinds stuns in this Gavin dress featuring a ton of sequins. A positively regal look.

16. The other feather dress that had everyone talking, Codie Shiels’ version in pink.

16. This skirt debuted at Worlds this year – Mackenzie Mahler rocked a wider skirt that creates a dramatic silhouette. It’s intense, but I think I like it!

Natural Hair gained popularity in the older age groups at Worlds this year. Here are some notable natural looks though there were main more!

1. A lovely look featuring natural styled hair with a beautiful red flower. Who says senior dancers can’t wear flowers in their hair?

2. Loving this side-wig which has a more natural look to it. The way to do it if you’re a senior dancer looking to go this route.

3. Another great natural looking wig. I really like this look for a senior dancer.

There were so many amazing dresses at Worlds this year. I really recommend taking a look through all the age groups to get some inspiration! Here are some other notable looks:

1. This dress is lovely and a nice throwback to the dance dresses in the early 1900s. Obviously, a lot more bling and styling, but the look is the same. I like this trend a lot.

2. I’ve talked about monotone dresses from white to yellow and red, but I love this coral colored one. So fresh!

3. I love this light gold accented dress. This color combination was seen all over the Worlds this year and it’s a great one for making any dress seem more elegant and timeless, regardless of the design. Here’s another amazing light gold dress.

4. The return of the three panel dress? It might be! This dress is one of the most notable examples, but it wasn’t the only. Here’s another in orange. The pleats look easier to move than the older versions. Stay tuned on this one!

5. Love the lace overlay on this dress. This is a great way to add dimension and interest to any dress, just keep everything else simple

6. Perfect styling on this look. The looseness of the curls work in perfect contrast with the sharp dress. Celtic Star, you can do no wrong.

7. I love dresses that are works of art as well as dance dresses. This one is amazing – the scalloping on the design is too cool.

8. Wow, love the detail in the bodice of this dress. Again, another work of art, but this time with much more intricate detail.

9. This dress is just really cool. Excellently designed bodice and skirt combination.

10. A very Riverdance style dress with the lace sleeves. Really cute and feminine.

11. I love how dramatic this whole look is. It’s like punk Irish dance. Awesome.

12. No other way to describe this look than “Lovely!”. Look at how the blue stands out against the stage.

13. This is one of my favorite looks from Worlds. A perfect red dress with a perfect updo to match. Genius.

14. A spectacular, intricate bodice. I’m obsessed with it.

15. The dress is awesome but I just love this picture. #sass

16. Florals are gaining popularity! I really like this halter version.

Stay tuned for one final trend recap to finally close out the 2012 Worlds! Which looks do you love? Anything I missed?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


4 thoughts on “CLRG 2012 Irish Dancing World Championship – Other Notable Dresses

  1. You missed the link to: “2. No other way to describe this look than “Lovely!”. Look at how the blue stands out against the stage.” Great post!

    Posted by Åsne | May 21, 2012, 6:26 am
  2. Love it! Senior ladies are looking splendid, as always. Such a fabulous, classy bunch! 🙂

    Posted by Caitlin K | May 22, 2012, 3:57 am
  3. Regarding #13, what type of wig was this? The hairstyle is beautiful.

    Posted by jane | June 30, 2012, 2:39 am

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