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2012 Irish Nationals, Cutting Edge

Gavin and Celtic Star Debut Stellar Dresses at the 2012 Irish Nationals

This year marks another exciting new addition to the Irish dance world – a new major! It’s still to be seen if it will be recurring or not, but the inaugural CLRG Irish Nationals was wildly successful.  Hopefully it will be a permanent fixture of the Irish dance circuit. If you haven’t heard already, the All-Ireland’s will be moving to October with the first event at the new date in October 2013. So, the Irish Nationals was developed as a closed event for Irish dancers as their secondary qualifier for the 2013 Worlds. I’m really interested in how it’s going to affect attendance at the Irish dance majors and Irish dance fashion. If the fashion in the future is anything like this past event, I can’t wait!

I liked Gavin’s dresses at Worlds but I wasn’t overwhelmed. However, he more than made up for it with the dresses at the Irish Nationals. He took the best bits of the Worlds and All-Ireland’s dresses and amped them up. Here are some of my favorites. Check out the rest on Gavin’s Facebook page.

It’s no secret that I love a yellow and black dress. If you loved Lauren Early’s dress, this one should be a match made in heaven. It adds just enough black and white detailing. Sweet, simple, but bold.

This dress really stepped up Gavin’s design standard. The combination of an interesting, but simple fabric with the white embroidery is lovely. It turns the dress from a normal Irish dance dress into something I would almost wear on a normal day. BUT, the embroidery emphasizes the fact that it’s still an Irish dance dress which is crucial for making the dress work on stage. Truly a “Sunday best” Irish dance dress.

Etain Mulvenna’s gorgeous dress. I love the subtle nod to her World title rather than the in your face globe. The coolest part of the dress? The vest is interchangeable. I was unsure when there were rumors that someone was wearing different dresses for different rounds, but the interchangeable vest idea is a fun way to get a different look without paying an arm or a leg! It also keeps the overall look similar enough so that the judges don’t get crazy confused.

UPDATE: Here are all three versions! Too, too cool. Loving the hair style in these as well!

How precious is this little dress? I can’t even deal. The color is perfection. Another proof that red haired dancers can wear pink and red!

In contrast to Gavin’s dresses, I loved Celtic Star’s dresses for Worlds. In fact, there have been very few dresses that I haven’t loved from them so far. But at the Irish Nationals, they took it up a notch even further. They just keep getting better and I hope they don’t stop any time soon! Here are some of my favorites – check out the rest on their Facebook page.

In a sea of black and red, this deep navy and gold dress stands out in the right ways. Incredibly regal and classic in the way that the 1990s Irish dance dresses were. Can I have it?

This dress is similar to the previous one, but a little lighter and more romantic. It’s another dress that could pass for a very elegant real world couture dress. I love the way designers are creating true works of art.

This dress is another favorite. I love how the knotwork on the arms is designed to look like lace. And the white knotwork with rhinestone detailing? Genius. The perfect example of a bold design on stage that has so much more detail when you get close up.

I’m seeing a trend with Celtic Star – Gold knotwork. But I love it. I’m obsessed with the skirt and the knotwork going across the hem. I can imagine it looking spectacular in motion. I really like the colored hem trend that’s going on right now. Just the right pop of color.

What do you think? Do you love any of these new dresses? What trends are you looking forward to rocking on your next dress?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



6 thoughts on “Gavin and Celtic Star Debut Stellar Dresses at the 2012 Irish Nationals

  1. I’m really curious about the “convertible” dresses. Would love to see the other “looks” for that dress. Sounds like a really cool idea!

    Posted by Caitlin K | May 22, 2012, 3:58 am
  2. All those dresses are beautiful but my fav is black one … 🙂

    Posted by minasparklinadesign | May 22, 2012, 9:45 am
  3. The pink/white/gold dress by Celtic Star is my fav! I love how the black outlines make the gold knotwork really POP!

    Posted by Moira | May 22, 2012, 2:41 pm
  4. The concept and innovation for etains dress was designed by me her mum- gavin was very good and helping us produce it.

    Posted by Deborah Mulvenna | May 25, 2012, 8:58 pm
    • That’s great! It’s a fabulous concept! If you don’t mind telling, how do the options on the dress work? Is it attached with a zipper?

      Posted by feisonista | May 27, 2012, 4:39 pm
      • It is two skirts and two full bodices. So the bodice just zips up in the normal way. All the stoning on the dress was done by one of my senior dancers and she did a fabulous job on it- especially the white bodice that has thousands of Swarovski stones on it!!!

        Posted by debsmul | May 29, 2012, 11:22 pm

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