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Announcing the winners of Why are you a Feisonista?

First of all, thanks so much to everyone that entered. What an incredible competition. Choosing the winners was so hard. You are all incredible Feisonistas! I ended up choosing two winners and two runners up. All four will be on shirts, but the winners will get the cards from Ursula Celano. Congrats!! Without further ado, … Continue reading

Irish Dance in the Real World: June 2012 Glamour

In the Irish dance world, we all know that a soft shoe is like the perfect pair of black pumps. Classic, just a little bit edgy and goes with everything. It looks like the real world fashion scene may be catching on to that genius! This outfit was in the June 2012 Glamour issue featuring … Continue reading

New Contest: Why are you a Feisonista?

Announcing a new contest! To spread the word about Feisonista, I’m going to do a promotion at the 2012 North American Nationals, but I need your help. For this contest, tell me why you’re a Feisonista. The guidelines are simple – just start it with “because” and keep it short and sweet. Here are some … Continue reading

Chic Dance Wear: Summer Practice Looks

The focus at dance class should be dancing and making sure you’re putting everything into that practice. But a Feisonista isn’t just a Feisonista on stage! Being a Feisonista is a way of life. So of course you want to look good while you suffer through that full hornpipe again and again and again… But … Continue reading

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