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Chic Dance Wear Spotlight

Chic Dance Wear: Summer Practice Looks

The focus at dance class should be dancing and making sure you’re putting everything into that practice. But a Feisonista isn’t just a Feisonista on stage! Being a Feisonista is a way of life. So of course you want to look good while you suffer through that full hornpipe again and again and again…

But how do you stay stylish when you’re dripping in sweat in that non-air conditioned Church basement during your dance camp? Here are some fun looks for every Feisonista!

1. Athletic

Athletic by feisonista featuring nike activewear

With the Olympics coming up, there’s never been a better time to rock the sporty look. If you haven’t tried them yet, Nike Tempo shorts are amazing. They’re beloved by runners and sororities girls the world over because they’re light, made from a soft material, and don’t ride up too much. It makes them perfect practice shorts as well as running shorts. Best part? They come in (give or take) a million colors and you can rock them to the grocery store after practice. Finish the look with an athletic tank top and some elastics to keep some of that sweat off your face and frizzies under control. Take a lead from sports uniforms and add bold pops of color for accents! This is my go-to practice look – it’s easy and so adaptable. Lather, rinse and repeat in different color combinations all summer long.

For your hair, try this look. A braid will always be the ultimate in sporty chic – it looks cute but will stay put all day long. Add some head bands to keep the top flyaways in check and add some pop to your outfit. Try different varieties of braids all summer long – normal, french, fishtail, to the side. So many options to go with your rainbow of shorts!

2. Nautical


Nautical by feisonista featuring a racer back tank

Nothing says summer like nautical style! For the more girly, preppy girl, this outfit is perfect. You may be working out, but you can still look like you’re at the yacht club. Pair a nautical skirt with a simple tank top to work this look. The key to making this work is finding a short skirt with an elastic waist band so you have freedom to move. It doesn’t have to be a skirt made for working out – any lightweight, durable fabric will do. Make sure you remember to bring your shorts to avoid a wardrobe malfunction! Finish channeling your inner sailor with a rope bracelet. Put it on the first day of dance camp and don’t take it off until the end to constantly motivate you to keep going.

For your hair, try a braided top bun. The braid will mirror your fun nautical bracelet but the look will stay put all dance class long. To make sure it stays, attack it with bobby pins and try wrapping another elastic around the base of the bun for good measure.

3. Stylish

Stylish Sport

Stylish Sport by feisonista featuring yoga leggings

It might seem funny to wear leggings in the summer, but I’ve always found that a good pair of spandex leggings will feel just as cool as shorts. Make sure they fit well and are good quality material and they’ll wick the sweat off your legs, helping you cool down. Work one of this season’s hottest trends with a pastel tank top and sports bra combo. Keep the tank top loose to get the maximum contrast with your bra and keep you cool! This is another look that you can rock again and again all summer long with different options.

Another stylish look:

Stylish Sport 2

Stylish Sport 2 by feisonista featuring t shirts

Another big trend this spring is the neutral and neon trend. One of my biggest Irish dance fashion secrets is tennis skirts. They’re made for athletes who still want to look good, even when they’re flying around the court. Sounds like a perfect match, right? Show off your fashion prowress with a brightly colored tennis skirt and a neutral t-shirt. Toss your shoes in a brightly colored bag and impress everyone with your feisonista skills. Anyone want to buy the Tory Burch bag for me?? Love it.

For your hair, a high pony tail is a classic option that will always be stylish. For added style points, wrap a section of hair around the elastic tie and secure it with a bobby pin.

5. One for the guys

Guy's summer

Guy’s summer by feisonista on polyvore.com

And I couldn’t leave the guys out of this! Try a simple, wicking t-shirt (but not too tight – you still need to be able to breathe!) with running or basketball shorts. It will be loose enough to keep you cool but styled enough to make sure your look matches your sweet drums. Add a little attitude to the look with graphic shirts to keep you going.

What’s your go-to summer practice wear? Will you be rocking any of these summer looks? Let us know!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers.



One thought on “Chic Dance Wear: Summer Practice Looks

  1. I always chose dance wears that are very colorful and lively. It really helps enhance your confidence and personality as well. ‘,;;; Enjoy your weekend!

    Posted by Catina Marrs | July 23, 2012, 12:44 pm

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