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CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals 2012 – Day 1 Looks

I may be lacking in posts right now because I’m moving across the country, but even that wouldn’t stop me from the highlight of my summer! It’s time for the North American Irish Dance Championships aka Nationals. In the fabulous city of Chicago, the 2012 event kicked off today.  Along with some great dancing and a ton of fun, it also brought great looks.

Make sure you like the Nationals facebook page for continuous updates and pictures. IDM and Gavin are also providing great pictures! Finally, I have my Feisonistas on the ground that are providing some great insight into the looks on the stage. Make sure to follow my twitter (@Feisonista) for live fashion updates. Tweet at me with the trends and looks you’re loving from Nationals!

Here are some of my favorites and the early emerging trends:

Leading Trends:

1. Bright colors. It looks like bright colors are taking a stand on the first day of Nationals. Bold primary colors, bright pinks and neons have been very popular so far. How cute is this bright pink dress? Here is another pair of fabulously fluorescent ladies.

2. Sequin bodices. These popped up at Worlds and the Irish Nationals and have been very popular so far at NANs. It’s a bold look that definitely stands out on stage. I particularly like the ones that use big fish scale sequins like this one – its a more updated 2012 version of sequins. And for that matter…

3. Sequins everywhere. Sequins have full on exploded in the Irish dance world. They’ve gone from accents to full on dress backdrops. Full dresses are covered in sequins. This is sequins taken to a whole new level – don’t think I’ve ever seen them to this degree! I have to imagine the light sparkling off them on stage is remarkable. I love this red, white and blue version! The side wig is great too. I really like these two sequined dresses from the Golden School as well.

4. Bold edging. As predicted, edging is continuing to be very popular. It’s an easy addition to a skirt that creates a defined contrast that looks great on stage. I really like it. Here’s Siopa’s version – first time I’ve seen them go with this trend and I think they nailed it.

5. Soft skirts. Soft, loose skirts seems to be dominating the new dresses at NANs. There are some pleated skirts and other paneled versions, but I would say the vast majority of new dresses are a soft, loose style. Tiered skirts (Ra-ra style) have also been popular so far. The white skirt below from Lewis is a good example. Check out the peacock feather dress as well!

6. 3D embellishments. They were popular before and they’re popular again! The little bows are still the most popular from what I’ve seen. I really like this little touch – very cute. I’ve seen a few that have motif type embellishments as well. Great for creating a themed dress, particularly with a younger dancer.

8. Bun wigs and side wigs. Bun wigs have always been more popular with the younger age groups, but they’re all over the place with the U10 girls this year. Side wigs are making a strong surge and taking the younger age groups by storm. I wonder if Nationals will cement the side wig’s place in Irish dance hair? For this year, at least! Check out this proud dancer rocking one on stage!

7. Unique fabrics. Like I mentioned at the Irish Nationals, unique fabrics are really having a moment in Irish dance fashion. Check out these new Gavin dresses from Nationals that show off some very unique fabric choices.

9. “Classic” simple colors. Blacks, silvers and golds are still popular amongst the older crowd. I particularly like the classic looks accented with rhinestones or sequins. Such a classy, timeless look. How great are these two looks in classic colors? I absolutely love the feather on the dancer on the right!

10. Huge wigs. If you’re not rocking a bun wig or a side wig at Nationals, you’re probably rocking a huge wig! Wigs are really big, relatively loose and taking over this year at Nationals! I haven’t seen as many natural looks as at Worlds or even the Irish Nationals, so it looks like the mainstream Irish dance crowd is sticking with the wigs and going bigger than ever. Check out these two stylish ladies for an example of the two popular hair styles right now.

11. Jackets. Looks like the guys aren’t letting the girls have all the fun! There have been some really bold jackets among the older men crowd. A lot of deep jewel colors like burgundy with military details or dynamic asymmetric details. I’ve even spotted a few scarfs! It’s great to see the guys playing around with fashion as well. Check out these stylish lads!

Outfit inspiration:

Like at Worlds, one of my favorite things to look at during Nationals are the real-life outfits as well as the Irish dance fashions! I always get great inspiration from these events.

Nationals Day 1
Nationals Day 1 by feisonista featuring coin jewelry

AX Paris long dress
$39 – axparis.co.uk


Banana Republic chandelier earrings

Coin jewelry

That’s it for day 1 so far! I’ll update with more tomorrow, hopefully we’ll get some pictures from awards. Can’t wait to see the top 5s! Congrats to everyone who danced today. Keep an eye out for Feisonista correspondents and make sure to tweet or facebook me with your favorite looks – on or off the stage!

What do you love so far? Remember – be constructive. 

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


One thought on “CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals 2012 – Day 1 Looks

  1. we are loving Elevations new dresses!!

    Posted by Erica Graham | July 6, 2012, 5:14 pm

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