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North American Nationals 2012

CLRG North American Irish Dance Championship – Team Wear Looks

While we wait for the rest of the pictures to get posted online (there’s not enough to really do it justice right now, sadly), I thought I would do a post on my other favorite dance world fashion – team wear and off stage looks!

If you’re looking for new team looks for the fall or the Oireachtas, here’s some great inspiration! Dancers and schools really stepped it up a notch at the 2012 NAIDC.

Photo: Irish Dance Magazine


I love a good DIY shirt for majors. It’s a great way for teams to bond over glitter and t-shirt paint and destress before heading out. Here are some great examples.

1. These girls took making their own t-shirts to the next level by adding some fringe and sparkle accents. Here are some more versions from the same school.

2. These Goggin Carroll t-shirts are a bit of a hybrid. The shirts are printed, but the girls cut them and made them their own. I love the one shouldered version on the right. Very creative! The modern design makes this a shirt you could wear around town with the right styling!

School Wear

Flaunt your school with pride and style! Here are some schools looks that really nailed their team wear and went above and beyond the usual nationals t-shirt.

1. I love this sweatshirt from the Hagen School! Modern design and a wide neck makes this a sweatshirt that looks perfect at a major or at a mall. I love things I can rock from the feis to hanging out with friends and this is a great example.

2. Baseball style jerseys are always a great look for NANs. They button up the front for wig-fiasco-free removal and look perfect in the summer with baseball in full swing. No pun intended 😉 I really like the way the blue pops on the Walsh Kelley ones here.

3. As a former sorority gal, I love a good t-shirt design that plays off a popular logo. These Penk O’Donnell shirts perfectly play off the VS Pink design. And it’s a vneck. What more could a girl want?

4. Can’t go wrong with a good polo shirt. England’s Doherty dancers took on a preppy style at NANs and I love it.

5. One for the boys! This bold soccer jersey is another example that would look great at a major or actually playing soccer with friends.

6. Another fun t-shirt design from McGahan Lees. I really like the way schools are playing with designs and styles this year.

7. How cute is this skirt from Mulhern? Perfect for a little dancer on the 4th of July.

8. Both of these tank tops from Lynn are great as well, the Olympic one in particular! Nothing more inspiring than the Olympics. Can’t wait for those to start!

9. Golden had some creative and modern t-shirts all week as well. These two are some of my favorites. Never underestimate the power of a good t-shirt on school reputation!

Generic Irish Dance

1. Love a good LAX pinney! This simple one (I believe from Dance Bling) is a classic that will get you through many a hot summer feis. Here’s another nice one. And here’s a school version – definitely a great practice look.

2. This shirt is phenomenal. Simple, Celtic, effective. I think the shirt is invincible!

Official Merchandise

Can’t leave out the official merchandise! Here are some of my favorites.

1. Loving these zip ups! Very athletic and 4th of July colored.


One thought on “CLRG North American Irish Dance Championship – Team Wear Looks

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    • A short a cappella piece and/or a Treble Reel – Two steps, right and left.
    • If applicable, please include a clip of your professional Irish dance show performances.
    • We must be able to see the full body of the dancers in the recording at all times.
    • DVD’s and photos will not be returned.

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    Posted by Paul Russell | August 7, 2012, 1:50 am

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