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North American Nationals 2012

2012 CLRG Irish Dance NANs and BNs Overall Trends: Part 2

The overall summer trend recap continues! There are so many great designs, it’s hard to catch them all, but here’s part 2 of the trend recap from the majors this summer. This section features more of the trends in the middle age groups. Check out Part 1 for the first recap and stay tuned for Part 3 later this week!

1. More brighter colors in the older age groups. While the younger girls stuck with whites, blacks and pinks, the older girls branched out with their color schemes. We saw some really great greens, blues and peaches this summer and I love to see them playing with color. Having a trendy color is a great, safe bet but to stand out play with colors. In a sea of pinks and oranges, a great blue or mint dress will stand out on the stage.

Eire Designs

Eire Designs

2. Grid based bodice designs. Grid based designs were popular before the summer, but have continued to go strong. The slight update is a looser grid, one based on embroidery. This beautiful Gavin is a perfect example of this looser grid trend.

Gavin Doherty

3. Black and Yellow.  Everything dancers do, they do it big. Taking after Wiz and the ‘Burgh, dancers have flocked to black and yellow color schemes. I love, love, love this color scheme so I’m so excited to see the varieties. Want to avoid looking like a bumblebee or cheetah? Try large block of colors and avoid stripes, polka dots and small patterns. This Celtic Star is a great example. Also, how amazing is the use of rhinestones in this dress?

Celtic Star

4. Color blocking. Color blocking is a big trend in the real world and it continues to go strong in the Irish dance world. This trend translates so well, because it looks so bold on stage. To make this look work, pick a few (keyword: FEW) strong colors and clearly block out your dress. I love how Celtic Star uses gold accents to create clear borders on this color block dress.

Celtic Star

5. Unique fabrics. This is one of my favorite new trends since Worlds. There were a few unique fabric choices at Worlds and they continue to be popular throughout the summer. The key again to making this trend work is to keep the rest of the design simple.

Eire Designs

Eire Designs

6. More intense asymmetrics and detailed in older dancers. So, this dancer below wouldn’t fall into the older category, but her dress perfectly showcases this general trend. The asymmetric trend is not gone, but is mainly showing up in the tween and older age groups. The key to the 2012 asymmetric update is keeping the embroidery and design intricate and pairing it with symmetric designs. The contrast between structure and no structure makes for a design that really creates movement.

Gavin Doherty

7. Updated bolero and bodice designs. The bolero/ballet shrug look is going strong, but several feisonistas are continuing to push the trend forward and play with the design. In particular, the U13 age group is very fashion forward and got very creative with their ballet shrug designs. Take this dress for example which features a scallopped edge and rhinestone detailing.

Gavin Doherty

8. Not as many black rhinestone dresses or pure white dresses. The update to the 2011 black rhinestone dress is a black dress with white or silver accenting. Celtic Star again leads the way on this classy color scheme. I think this dress is technically a navy blue, but it illustrates the trend. On the flip side, pure white dresses were less popular this summer as well. The 2012 white dress update features a white background with strong bright color detailing. The white dress below is great example.

Celtic Star

9. More natural/ponytails in teen age groups. The teenage age groups tend to be the most trendy and this summer was no exception. There were much more natural looks and ponytail wigs in the teen crowd and some dancers really nailed it. Check out this post for more advice on how to look fabulous in these alternatives hair styles.

Eire Designs

10. Orange. Orange is on the rise. I wouldn’t call it a trend just yet, but it definitely is gaining popularity. I’d say to keep an eye on this one for the Oireachtas! I love orange and black, but there is a risk of looking like a Jack-O-Latern. To avoid the Halloween effect, use orange or black as the main base and just add a touch of the other. This Celtic Star is a great example of how to do orange and black tastefully.

Celtic Star

That’s it for Part 2! Stay tuned for Part 3 coming later this week! What looks did you love? Any other dresses with these trends that you adore? Anything that you’re looking forward to rocking for the Oireachtas?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers.

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