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North American Nationals 2012

2012 CLRG and BN Overall Trend Recap – Part 3

So, I might be almost a month late on this, but here is finally the last post of the summer trend recap! Thanks for bearing with me through my move but I’m back in full force now. Stay tuned to lots of great posts and exciting developments this fall! Any suggestions or want to be involved in Feisonista? Let me know at feisonista@gmail.com. I’m always looking for ways to make it better! Who’s pumped for the 2012 Oireachtas prep season? Me!

This post is focusing on our fabulous older dancers. This always classy age category looked amazing this summer. Here are some key elements of their style. Catch up on part 1 and part 2 if you missed them!

1. Celtic Knots. My favorite recent trend is in full force with the senior dancers. Most of these dancers started in or before the Riverdance era and have a very strong connection to the Irish cultural aspects of Irish dance. It should come as no surprise then that this look is very in vogue with our older dancers. There are some many great examples to chose from, but I love this bold red dress from Celtic Star.

2. Jewel Tones, particularly red. While the younger age groups tend towards bright colors, the older age groups tended towards more jewel tones. This is always a great look for older dancers, particularly in a really rich red. It still looks bold on stage but remains age appropriate and classy. This Gavin perfectly showcases how picking a rich color can allow a trendy dress seem more classy and appropriate for an elegant senior lady. Note how the very tailored and simple hair style allows the dress to be the focus of the attention – perfect trendy look on a senior lady.

Eire Design

3. Black and Silver/Gold. This color scheme has been popular among all the age groups but is particularly popular in the older age groups. Going along with the jewel tones, it’s just a classic color scheme that allows the dress to remain trendy and age appropriate. Here’s another amazing Celtic Star in this color combo – it’s been a popular one for them!

Celtic Star

4. Black/White Backgrounds with bold accents. The other color combo that was popular is having a black or white base and then accenting with bold colors. As opposed to the dresses in the younger age groups that were mostly bright with a touch of neutral, these were mostly neutral with a pop of color. Definitely a more mature way to be bold and I love it. This Siopa Rince dress is a perfect example.

Siopa Rince

5. Soft Skirts but more paneled/motif skirts. Soft skirts were very popular, like in the rest of the groups but there were several more paneled skirts or scalloped skirts. A paneled skirt is a more mature, timeless look in Irish dance so senior dancers can best pull it off. It’s also a more structured look which works really well on older dancers. This dress from Doire is a great example of the alternative skirt styles that popped up more in the older age groups. Soft skirts were still the norm overall, however.

Doire Designs 

6. Metallic style sequins on bodices. Sequins have been popular in all the age groups, but the older groups trended towards a metallic style sequins, largely in the bodice design. There were much fewer full bodice and skirts made of sequins like we saw in the younger age groups. This Gavin is a great example of metallic sequins being pulled into the bodice.

Eire Designs

7. Classic wigs and loose updos. The senior dancers stayed with more classic Irish dance styles. There were fewer trendy side pony tails and even few natural looks. For the most part, most dancers played it safe and went with the traditional wig or an elegant updo/bun wig. For a senior dancer that has so much more to worry about than perfect her hair, its a smart choice. For a great updo, check out the picture of Jewel tones above. For an example of a classic, well done wig look, here’s a great example from the IDM stand. Note the metallic sequins and Celtic knotwork I mentioned earlier!


8. Regal looks. Along the same lines as the black/gold color scheme, the regal look was definitely in among the older crowd. A gilded color scheme combined with ornate details and a manderin collar lended a very regal look to our queens of Irish dance. I absolutely adore this version from Celtic Star that really encompasses all the elements of this trend.

Celtic Star

9. Some bolder choices. While most senior dancers strayed toward more traditional looks, there were some great, unique dresses that went outside the fashion box. The best part about the senior ladies is that they’re comfortable in their own skin and can really wear what they want. Some of the best trends have been set by confident senior ladies – Ciara Sexton and Ashley Smith are perfect examples. This dress from Heidi Bird (2nd on the right) is a perfect example.

Heidi Bird

10. Either a simple hair addition or a bold one. Going along the same lines, in terms of hair accessories, senior dancers either went simple or bold. The picture above showcases the simple look – a clean headband, nice tiara or slight flower. However, there were some bold fascinator style accessories and stand out tiaras. This dancer’s fabulous overall look showcases a fascinator style perfectly. I love it.


11. Not leaving colored soft shoes for little girls. One thing that I was so glad to see was that the senior ladies weren’t leaving colored soft shoes to the little girls. This is a perfect way to show your fun side at awards and glam it up. Check out these great blinged version – more on these (and how to get your own) coming up!



3 thoughts on “2012 CLRG and BN Overall Trend Recap – Part 3

  1. The dress in #7 is SPECTACULAR and it looked even better on stage. Beautiful.

    Posted by Caitlin K | August 24, 2012, 12:19 pm
  2. Agreed ^^ the look in #7 is spectacular, especially onstage. Loved that you included at least one gent in the looks, too. He is sporting the current trend for the gents with the military-style waistcoat. Both representatives in that shot do have “the look” – well done!

    Posted by PE | August 28, 2012, 2:10 am
    • Love the gents too! My next post will be about the gents looks right now. Unfortunately there are just so many more pictures of dresses and the trends change more often so it’s easier to do. Try and include as many of our awesome gents as I can though!

      Posted by feisonista | August 28, 2012, 2:14 am

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