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Getting the Look

Getting the Look: Fashionable Male Dancers

While many of my posts focus on our girl dancers, I don’t want to forget our fashionable gents! Unfortunately, it’s a little easier considering the amount of pictures and wider variety to pick out the girls trends. However, there are some spectacular looks on the boys as well!

I would say that boy’s fashions are going through a bit of a revolution right now. For years, the gents stayed by with a simple tie and pants look while the girls decked on the sequins and bold designs. However, in the last year in particular, the men’s fashion scene has exploded. Boy dancers now have the option of incorporating all the designs that girls utilize or keeping it simple. There really is something for everyone. A simple vest and tie will always be in fashion, but let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends.

1. Jackets on Seniors. One of the newest trends among the gents is the jacket. Call it a revival – a nod to the day of the kilts, with a lot more pizazz. My favorite jackets are the ones that keep it relatively simple – the jacket on the boy on the right in the BN picture below is a perfect example of how to combine embellishment with class. The jacket look is bold enough without adding a lot more to it.

British Nationals

However, there are so many options depending on your personal taste and a lot of guys are rocking multicolored jackets and jackets with bold asymmetric designs. Some of the options include military style (like the jacket below), colored blazers, color blocked jackets, double breasted and double pockets and my favorite – embroidered lapels. This Shamrock Stitchery jacket further below is a good example of how elaborate some of these jacket designs are.

Shamrock Stitchery

2. Jewel Tones on seniors. While black and brights are the traditional colors for the gents, the senior men in particular have been adopting a lot of jewel tones. They’ll either rock a jewel colored jacket or a black jacket with a popping jewel colored shirt. I think it’s a great look and a nice way to add color but keep things looking masculine. Navy blue is another popular way to rock a touch of color.


3. Bold Celtic Knotwork Designs. Not leaving the knotwork to the girls, the boys are adopting bold Celtic knotwork designs. Because vests and jackets have less room, the knotwork designs stand out very prominently compared to the girls’ design. Designers have leveraged this contrast and placed knotwork prominently strewn across vests and jackets.

Shamrock Stitchery

North American Nationals

4. Fun accents. The boys are adding in fun accents just like the girls these days. My favorite are the boys rocking bow ties – very Southern prep! Check out the scarf effect and mandarin collar on these fashionable feisers at the North American Nationals below.

North American Nationals

5. Fun fabrics, rhinestone accents. Following the girls’ trends, boy designs are incorporating fun fabrics and rhinestone accents. Some vests are incorporating the larger crystals but they’re mostly smaller than the girls. The KDSF vest below is a great example of how rhinestones are typically being used on vests.


6. Silver and gold on black. Also like the girls, the boys are flocking to silver and gold on black. They have been rocking a combination of embroidery, simple but bold symmetric applique (like the Elevation vest below) and bold asymmetric applique – anything goes!


North American Nationals

7. Bright color accents. The other option if you’re not a silver and gold type guy is bright accents. This is a more traditional route for vest design, but the pops of color have been getting bold and bigger recently. If you’re not sure which trend to go with, this is a good, never fail, option.

Eire Designs

8. Simple embroidery down the middle on jacket look. This is my personal favorite trend for male dancers – simple embroidery down the middle of the jacket or vest that traces the edge. It’s the perfect combination of design to stand out on stage and classy, masculine styling. It’s another long-lasting, classic look.

Avoca Celtic Designs

10. Bold cross body asymmetric designs. Just like how girls are turning their dresses into living canvases, the boys are using their vests as wearable art. The dancer on the second from the right in the picture below from the British Nationals perfectly shows off the asymmetric trend in a masculine way. Check out the whole lot of fashionable lads in this picture! How many trends can you count?

British Nationals

11. Red is a popular jacket color. Taking a cue from the British redcoats, dancers have caught on to the powerful look of a strutured red jacket. Red is a power color and really pops on stage so its no wonder that red is a popular color for jackets. Combined with a structured, unique design, these jackets really make an impression. For example, this dancer rocked a red jacket at Nationals that combined the power of red with the strength of the military trend. Love it!

North American Nationals

12. Some large Celtic knotwork in middle. This is another design that’s a spin-off of girl’s designs. This wasn’t all over the place, but several vests featured large celtic knotwork designs (usually circular) placed prominently in the center. It almost gives a belt effect that works really nicely on vests.

13. More traditional vests in the younger age groups. Similiar to how there are more older style and classic style dresses in the younger years, there are generally more traditional vests with a touch of embroidery in the younger boy age groups. This dancer from the North American Nationals displays how a young dancer can look fashionable and tailored without committing to bold trends. It’s also simply adorable.

North American Nationals

Emerald Key

14. Cross over design. This last design has been popular for a few seasons and continues to go strong. It’s somewhat military, very bold and very structured. Styles have popped up in both vests and jackets so it’s very versatile depending on your taste. It looks great on stage as well, creating eye movement across the design. The black version is a great option for dancers that want to look trendy, but not overly flashy. I do love this white version though from Elevation!


Those are the highlights right now! What male dancer trends do you love – let’s hear from our fashionable gents!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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  1. Flirt LA

    Excellent design and good cloth.

    Posted by Flirt LA | September 15, 2012, 5:12 pm

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