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An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 9th

Greetings, Feisonistas!

Real life has had me all tied up, but Feisonista is back in action. In honor of the holiday season and to make up for lost time through the rest of the year, I will post an Irish dance outfit that you can take inspiration for all your holiday celebrations!

First up, in honor of the first night Hanukkah last night, this beautiful blue and white dress from Eire Designs.


If you didn’t know, blue and silver are the colors of Hanukkah, taking their inspiration from the colors of the Israeli flag.

I adore the rich royal blue color in the design of this dress. It adds a gorgeous pop to the white and the rhinestone’s silver. I love how Gavin took the bolero design and updated it. Instead of solid colors, the large knotwork design looks almost like a lace overlay ballet shrug. It’s a softer design than the traditional bolero approach and gives the dress a feminine feel. The large knotwork is also perfectly offset by the small knotwork on the dress’s bodice.

The dress also shows off the wide range of ways you can use rhinestones in a dress design. The small stones on the skirt add just a touch of bling to shine on stage while the small stones on the bodice take the place of applique in filling in the knotwork . The large teardrop stones form the central design point with the flower but also just add a nice pop of bling at the top bodice. And of course, this dress shows that you shouldn’t be afraid of color! The blue rhinestones add a pop of shine without taking away from the overall design. They just add a more subtle shimmer on stage.

As you’re going about your holiday festivities, take some inspriation from this dress and include a pop of color (bonus points for incorporating lace!) and various degrees of shimmer! Add some shiny chandelier earrings or a sequin miniskirt to your holiday outfits. Colored stone jewlery is very popular right now and is just perfect for the holiday season. This stone ring from Swag Philly is a perfect example of adding shine, color and not overwhelming the rest of out outfit – all things this dress does so well!


Stay tuned for another outfit to take inspiration from tomorrow! Until then…

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


One thought on “An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 9th

  1. Fantastic! I know that Fiona Dargan, Mid-Atlantic O champ, wears the Star of David on some of her dresses. It’s usually a subtle touch. I believe she has a Jewish grandparent.

    Posted by SJ Velasquez | December 9, 2012, 10:40 pm

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