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An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 10th

Continuing on with your daily dose of Irish dance inspiration for all your holiday celebrations.

Today’s inspiring outfit is another blue dress, but is accented with gold. It’s one of my favorite color combinations for the winter and perfect for any holiday parties! Another amazing Celtic Star creation.


Like the dress yesterday, this dress shows off the beautiful pop of a nice royal blue. I love royal blue all the time, but particularly in the winter. The cool tones perfectly reflect the crisp December weather. It’s also a color that looks great on a wide range of skin tones.

Fit for royalty, gold perfectly compliments the rich, cool hue by adding warmth. This dress shows off how to use it to perfection – as a strategic accent. The small lining at the end of the bodice plays off the top bold applique at the top of the bodice. It’s all about proportions!

Another great part of this dress is the use of sequins throughout the skirt and the bodice. It’s done tastefully so it’s not overwhelming, but still adds shine and shimmer. The holidays are the one time when it is fully acceptable to shimmer and shine! If you’ve strayed away from sequins in the past, take some inspiration and try them out this holiday season.

Have some holiday parties coming up and don’t want to go the traditional festive route? Try a blue and gold dress! Perfectly wintery and dressy, but avoids the usual go tos. This dress from the Tutu Cute Boutique is one of my favorites and would be great for a holiday happy hour.


Happy 3rd night of Hanukkah! Anyone planning on rocking a blue and gold dress to parties this week?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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