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CLRG Worlds 2013 Updates

CLRG Irish Dance World Championship – Day 1 Update


It’s better than Christmas. Fabulous dancing, amazing fashions, the best atmosphere – what more could a dancer want? There’s so much to talk about, but for today, I’ll keep it simple and to the point. Here are top trends from the first day of dancing!


Dress Designs

1. Celtic Arms

This is a really cool trend. The Celtic embroidery starts up the arms and then continues across the front of the dress. Several of these dresses feature a 3D effect. The embroidery across the front is actually layered on top of the dress rather than fully appliqued down. Very cool look! I love this one with a great pink skirt. This is another cool version with some serious pops of pink – it almost looks like lace.

2. Full Wrap Look

This is an extension of the wrap bodice look that came out last year. It’s a similar trend and wrap bodices are still very popular. This extends all the way down the dress, including a bit on the skirt. Here’s a nice one in purple (my bet’s on Siopa for this one – what do you think?). This is another take on the same style but split down the middle. Very dramatic.

3. Ornate Embroidered Bodices

This is one trend I’ve seen so far that I’m just loving. The entire top of the bodice is covered in ornate embroidery detail. There are a few ways I’ve seen it done. One way is with small embroidery that serves as almost a print. The other way is with big chunky Celtic knots that’s very artistic, like this one.

4. 3D Accents

There weren’t as many 3D accent dresses as I thought there would be on the first day, but there were still a good amount. However, Niamh Neale rocked a great version of one! This dress is a good example of a more subtle approach with the 3D occuring just at the belt. It’s also a great example of an embroidered bodice! I can’t tell if this dress is actually 3D, but it certainly has the effect. The crest in the middle is a nice touch.


1. Skater skirts with Embroidery

While the skater skirt is still popular as a solid version, many designers are adding embroidery to the bottom of the dress to spice it up a little bit. This is a really nice version of the trend. Very cute color scheme for a little girl – perfect for Easter! This is another nice version with some applique.

2. Tulle

As predicted, the new tulle skirt is everywhere. I’d say a third of the new dresses I saw had the new tulle tutu skirt. This is a particularly nice version combining a bright yellow with an unexpected gold accent. I wouldn’t have picked them to go together, but it really works.

3. Updated Three Panel

Get ready! It might just be back! Here’s a dress in a three panel style, but not quite all the way there. I like it as a nice compromise and updated look. Gotta love some claddaghs (Is that the plural of Claddagh?!) as well. I’m obsessed with this version of that style as well. Talk about regal. AND THIS ONE. Excuse my lack of professional reporting there, but oh my goodness I’m in love with it. It looks like someone took a dress from the early 90s and gave it an upgrade. Brilliant.


1. Yellow

This trend emerged last season and is still going on strong. Bright yellow with black accents are all over the World’s stage this year. I like to think I started this trend way back in 2006… A girl can dream, right? I love this dress in particular – how great of a picture is that?

2. Hot Pink on the Younger Girls

Tons of girls in pink! I love this picture of two little girls in pink. Love that animal print bolero on the lovely little dancer on front.

3. Pops of Neon

Just like how neon under white lace has been popular in the real world, it’s popping up on several dresses in the Irish dance world this year! This is a cute one with bright yellow.

4. Layered Underskirts of Green and Pink

My preppy roots are all about this trend. There were several layered soft skirts that had a green layer underneath a solid color skirt (usually pink). It’s a nice touch that definitely grabs attention on stage. This dress is a perfect example.


1. Full wigs

I was surprised to see so many full wigs on the younger girls, but they all pulled it off in that very cute Shirley Temple way. These dancers show off a few versions of the full wigs that are popular right now.

2. Looser bun wigs

Bun wigs are still popular amongst the younger crowd but the newest ones are looser, more like an elegant updo. These two amazing little dancers rock them with style.

3. Natural side buns

For girls going with alternative hair styles, side buns were the way to go. I’m absolutely in love with this look, all of it, completely amazing. Kelly Hendry is out of control amazing.

What’s your favorite? Anything you’re loving?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



7 thoughts on “CLRG Irish Dance World Championship – Day 1 Update

  1. Hi Maureen,

    How are you?  Are you still willing to have my crazy family there for a visit this coming weekend?  We are planning on being at your place around 5:30 or 6 on Thursday as we are planning on picking Chris up from school after his last class.  We then will need to leave somewhere around 9:30 or 10 on Friday to head up to Boston.  We will plan on coming back sometime on Saturday to your place and leave on Easter Sunday.  Does this work for you? 

    I also am forwarding this Feisonista as it is about the Irish Dancing fashion at World’s.  I thought that you and Callie would enjoy reading it.  I found it interesting.

    Take care,



    Posted by Vicki Ong | March 26, 2013, 3:50 am
    • Hi Vicki – Glad you found it interesting! I’m not sure you actually replied to your friend, though – just the post! Don’t want you to miss out on meeting up 🙂

      Posted by feisonista | March 26, 2013, 3:52 am
  2. Wait until you see the new “three panel” dress that Libby D has from Siope Rince on Tues! Very modern, with a hint of traditional.

    Posted by karturn09 | March 26, 2013, 4:29 am
  3. I love every style and how it suits every dancer 🙂

    Posted by barby | March 26, 2013, 12:00 pm
  4. Are we seeing any lace around at all? Always found it to be a classy look!

    Posted by Alyssa G. | March 26, 2013, 2:14 pm
  5. I would love to view the pictures, but when I click on the highlighted word in the article above, I receive an error message from the Shamrock Photo site – Nothing to Report
    try again or click back to the previous page

    Any advice? I would love to see the dresses you have referenced!

    Posted by Kelley | May 5, 2013, 1:11 am
  6. Interesting site, can’t wait to figure out to use this site
    Well done

    Posted by Mairin Null | June 25, 2013, 12:07 am

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