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CLRG All Irelands 2012 – Overall Trend Recaps

As I mentioned yesterday, FeisPix has put up all their pictures which means I can do a full recap of the All-Irelands trends with pictures! This AIs was probably one of the most interesting majors from a fashion and dancing sense. A lot of inspiring talent and outfits. It definitely was a great way to … Continue reading

CLRG All-Irelands 2012 – The Fashionable Senior Ladies

The pictures continue to get posted on FeisPix! For the next edition of my posts on the All-Irelands, I’m going into my favorite looks in my personal favorite age category – the senior ladies. Of course, I’m somewhat biased because this is my age category, but I’ve always loved seeing the senior ladies dance. A … Continue reading

CLRG All-Irelands 2012: Dress Highlights from FeisPix

Sadly, the All-Irelands are over for this year. Luckily, the pictures are on a delay so we have lots to look forward to! Today brought the Innovation in Irish Dance Choreography competition through the Marie Duffy Foundation. Truly, truly incredible dancing – I was blown away. The top 5 in the U19 plus age groups … Continue reading

CLRG All-Irelands 2012 Day 5 Recap

First of all, I want to say thanks to everyone who read yesterday! I had a really phenomenal response – you guys are the best! That said, onto day 5! Most of the trends from the first four days remain true, so I’m only going to post what stood out to me that we hadn’t … Continue reading

CLRG All-Irelands 2012 Days 1- 4 Recap

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This year for Valentine’s Day, I bring you my first recap on fashions from the All-Irelands. Unfortunately, due to work and a wonderful visit from friends, I haven’t been able to do as much of an event cover as I’d like. However, hopefully this will make it up to you! Where … Continue reading

What to Wear There? – 2012 CLRG All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championships

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Oireachtas season, but the All-Irelands are always my favorite. It’s often where designers debut their newest looks and for a dress obsessed Feisonista, it’s heaven. It’s also usually a more calm and fun atmosphere than majors like Worlds or the Oireachtas. The 2012 All-Irelands begin on Saturday and … Continue reading

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