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Chic Dance Wear: Summer Practice Looks

The focus at dance class should be dancing and making sure you’re putting everything into that practice. But a Feisonista isn’t just a Feisonista on stage! Being a Feisonista is a way of life. So of course you want to look good while you suffer through that full hornpipe again and again and again… But … Continue reading

Chic Dancewear Spotlight: Teamwear – Tops

This spotlight isn’t so much a spotlight on one particular company, but on styles for a team to wear to competitions. Part of doing well in a competition is getting your mind in the right mode and teamwear can really help with that! It also helps build school spirit which is especially valuable for ceili … Continue reading

Chic Dance Wear Spotlight – Ghillie iTouch Cover

While not strictly dance wear, this iTouch cover was too cool not to feature. Crocheted to perfection, it would make the perfect edition to your iTouch. What better to get you into focus mood at a feis than a ghillie covering for your iTouch during warmups? Best part? It’s only $10 and it’s handmade. Can’t … Continue reading

Chic Dance Wear – Irish Pride

While so much of the fun of Irish Dance is dressing up for competitions, looking cute at dance practice can be just as fun! In this section, I’ll feature cute new dance wear and companies that have a new take on what to wear when you’re practicing. Irish Pride Overview The first company in the … Continue reading

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