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CLRG 2012 Irish Dancing World Championship – Other Notable Dresses

Alright, I’m trying to work through all of the Worlds age groups and end this once and for all. However, being realistic, I don’t think I’m going to get it done anytime soon. So, here’s a summary of some of the high profile looks from Worlds that I haven’t touched on already. I wanted to … Continue reading

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – Girls U15 Looks

Marching on with the looks! U15 girls coming up! This was a huge age group so it’s a very long list – enjoy! On the same token, I missed a few great dresses just because there were so many notable ones. Everyone looked great. Be sure to check out the previous editions of U14, U13, … Continue reading

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U14 Girls Looks

After a bit of a hiatus, I’m back with the U14 looks from the Worlds! My goal is to have all the age groups done by this weekend so I can get back to the usual Feisonista posts! On with the trends… 1. I love the deep red background with the gold and silver applique … Continue reading

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U13 Girls Looks

Keeping the updates from the CLRG 2012 Worlds coming! Here are your trendsetting looks from the U13 girls – always a crowd favorite age! On a side note, I fixed the links so that they’ll now open in a new window when you click on them – even easier to check out the dresses now! … Continue reading

CLRG 2012 Irish Dance World Championships – U12 Girls Looks

Happy Easter everyone! Today wraps up all the competitions at the CLRG World Championships. Congrats to everyone involved – it’s such an honor just to dance on that stage. As my Easter present to you, I have more fashion updates! Moving on now to the girls U12! Check out my previous update on the U11 … Continue reading

CLRG 2012 Irish Dancing World Championship – U11 Looks

Sadly, all the solo competitions for the 2012 CLRG Worlds are now complete. However, while the dancing may be over, the pictures are still rolling in so we’ll have more than enough to keep us occupied for a while! A general update on trends is coming tomorrow, but here are the stand out looks that … Continue reading

2012 CLRG World Irish Dancing Championship – Day 2 Updates

Another exciting day at Worlds done! I can’t believe how fast this week is flying by already. A lot of excitement and a lot of great outfits. Check out my overview for Day 2. More to come! Trying to stay on top as much as possible, but real life is making it difficult! Updates will … Continue reading

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