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An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 12

For something a bit different today, this dress from Gavin shows how to still be festive in non-traditional holiday colors! We all know the traditional holiday colors. What if you’re not feeling it and want to stand out a bit this holiday season? The key is to keep things fun and keep the design interesting. … Continue reading

An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 11th

The holiday inspiration series continues! Today features a sparkly, gold sequin dress from Eire Designs! I love this dress because it exemplifies how to use sequins – in the Irish dance world and the real world. Keeping the sequins one classic color, the sequins add shimmer and dimension without taking over the look. Gavin also … Continue reading

An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 10th

Continuing on with your daily dose of Irish dance inspiration for all your holiday celebrations. Today’s inspiring outfit is another blue dress, but is accented with gold. It’s one of my favorite color combinations for the winter and perfect for any holiday parties! Another amazing Celtic Star creation. Like the dress yesterday, this dress shows off the beautiful … Continue reading

An Irish Dance Holiday Inspiration Series – Dec. 9th

Greetings, Feisonistas! Real life has had me all tied up, but Feisonista is back in action. In honor of the holiday season and to make up for lost time through the rest of the year, I will post an Irish dance outfit that you can take inspiration for all your holiday celebrations! First up, in … Continue reading

Inspired by… the Met Ball

Taking a break from the World’s updates for a bit – I’ll get around to all of them, I promise. I’m just getting tired of them and I want to keep things fresh! After all, a new Irish dance competition is right around the corner! Good luck to everyone competing at the CLRG Irish Nationals … Continue reading

Inspired by … Brosena and Prodijig

This Got to Dance’s season is very exciting for Irish dancers! In this year’s live semi-finals there will be not only one, but two Irish dance groups! They are Brosena and Prodijig, both excellent groups who are representing us excellently. I’ve talked about Prodijig’s groundbreaking audition before, but here it is again if you haven’t … Continue reading

Inspired By: Color Blocking

Often, trends in Irish dance mirror real-world fashion trends. They may be subtle and hard to see, but designers will often take a real world fashion trend and adapt it for Irish dance dresses. Bubble skirts are a great example of this: A party dress with a bubble skirt in real world fashion transforms to … Continue reading

Inspired By: The Sloppy Set by Burning Bridget Cleary

First of all, I hope everyone on the east coast made it through Irene! In this edition of Inspired by I’m doing a combination of a music spotlight and a fashion inspiration with Burning Bridget Cleary. Burning Bridget Cleary is an Irish music band out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. However, their crisp and infectious sound has … Continue reading

Inspired by: The Sneaky Steppers

For this edition of “Inspired by”, I’m featuring Irish dance outfits and real-life outfits inspired by The Sneaky Steppers! If you haven’t yet seen The Sneaky Steppers, check out their videos here! I love the premise. They ambush people with amazing Irish dancing and tap in everyday locations! Many of these dancers are champion dancers and … Continue reading

Inspired by… The Jersey Shore!

I’ll admit it, I’m an absolute die-hard fan of the Jersey Shore. It is definitely my guilty pleasure. This season, the Jersey Shore cast brings the party to Florence, Italy! I was just in Florence in June and it was one of my favorite places in Europe. It’s a hip, classy city with a lot … Continue reading

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