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What to Wear There? – 2012 CLRG All-Ireland Irish Dancing Championships

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Oireachtas season, but the All-Irelands are always my favorite. It’s often where designers debut their newest looks and for a dress obsessed Feisonista, it’s heaven. It’s also usually a more calm and fun atmosphere than majors like Worlds or the Oireachtas. The 2012 All-Irelands begin on Saturday and … Continue reading

Emerging Trend – Going Wigless

Since about 1999, wigs have been a defining part of an Irish dancer’s outfit, like a ballerina’s tutu. Bouncing curls have become as almost as much a part of Irish dance as fancy footwork! There have been countless debates about the pros and cons of wearing wigs. Pro – they even out the wide dresses. … Continue reading

Would You Wear? – Colored Poodle Socks or Tights

Perfect timing after my past post about poodle sock perfection! Irish Central’s SJ Velasquez posted a great blog on the rules and history behind Irish Dance hosiery. The long and the short of it is that there is no rule on colored socks or tights. So for now, all colors are game! Read the rest … Continue reading

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