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Early Update – 2011 Australian Irish Dance Championships

It feels like it’s been forever since the North American Nationals and British Nationals, but finally the wait for another major championship is over!  The Australian Nationals kicked off on Tuesday on Australia’s Gold Coast! It brings with it great dancing, fashion and events. AIDA has also really raised the bar for online coverage. Milton … Continue reading

Your Take – 2011 Mid-America Oireachtas U8 Solo Dress Requirements

Since Riverdance, Irish dance has experienced a surge of popularity and has moved leap years from where Irish dance was in the 1980s and earlier. As dresses lost knotwork and became increasingly “blinged-out”, there has been a huge debate about whether this is the right direction for Irish dance. I’ve always loved this debate. It’s … Continue reading

Inspired by: Up and Over It

Up and Over It is the Irish dance sensation that has spread into a mainstream youtube phenomenon. They were featured on America’s Got Talent and were in a McDonald’s commercial! You know you’ve made it when you’re in a McDonald’s commercial! Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding are taking Irish dance to the next level and … Continue reading

High Clicks – Sept. 23rd, 2011

Welcome to the first weekend of Fall! Fall is by far my favorite season. Falling trees, sweater weather, Thanksgiving, and of course – the Oireachtas. What more could you ask for? 1. Check out the Derry Feis parade of champions. Unbelievable. 8 World champs and 2 All-Ireland champs. Great dancing, and of course great fashion! … Continue reading

Fashionable Feiser: Sam Painter

If you’d like to be featured as a Fashionable Feiser, send me an email at feisonista@gmail.com. No worries if you’re not a World qualified dancer or the most ”trendy” person on earth – I’m looking to showcase every dancer’s style from a beginner’s blouse to the World champion’s tiara. Just own your style, whatever it is! … Continue reading

Inspired By: Color Blocking

Often, trends in Irish dance mirror real-world fashion trends. They may be subtle and hard to see, but designers will often take a real world fashion trend and adapt it for Irish dance dresses. Bubble skirts are a great example of this: A party dress with a bubble skirt in real world fashion transforms to … Continue reading

High Clicks – Sept. 16th, 2011

So I’ve been slacking hard core this week! My apologies! No worries – tomorrow I’ll have tons of great new articles, so stay tuned. Happy halfway to St. Patrick’s Day everyone! 1. Reviews are out for Noctu’s NYC debut! Unfortunately, they’re a bit split from the not great (and another from the NYTimes)to a slight … Continue reading

In Depth: College Irish Dance Teams

In this edition of In Depth, I’m looking at a growing trend in the Irish dance community – college Irish dance teams! It’s that time of year! Most colleges have started classes again or will be in the next few weeks. As hard it is to admit, the summer is over and you’re back to … Continue reading

High Clicks – September 9th, 2011

Another week down! Happy weekend everyone! A ton of great stuff this week for Irish dance enthusiasts, including a new documentary and a radio interview. What more can you ask for to start the weekend? Enjoy! 1. A new Irish Dance documentary came out this week on TV3 in Ireland! It follows several dancers from … Continue reading

Emerging Trend – Updated Mandarin Collars

Starting a new section! I realized during the Oireachtas preview that there are a lot of trends that are on the cusp on becoming a new trend, but haven’t really been proven among the mainstream Irish dance community. In this section, I’ll explore the trend, my favorite ways of styling it, and then get your … Continue reading

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